Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spring has Sprung!

Spring has sprung!! 
Picking up where I left off.... 

8 days in NYC = fabulous
Pulled an all nighter; first in a while and no, not because we stayed out all night! 
But of course a little fun was had in the big city by us Arkansas folks. 
Worked with an amazing crew on an amazing event that was broadcasted live on NBC's Today Show and was on the USS Intrepid. Helping men and women that have fought for our country get employed. 
Great and successful trip! Even got in a trip to the MET, plus hang out with Aimee and brunch with a few cousins. 

 NYC ----> LAX (minus 24 hours at home to repack bags and do laundry)
 Loved headed back to the land/place where my career began. Especially getting to work with one of the companies that I interned with 2.5 years ago, TFS Studio, on one of their corporate events in Laguna Beach.  {Pictured are Brandon & Clifford who own B + C in LA and TFS Studio}

For Laguna Beach, I fell in love with it Fall '09 and yes, this sweet southern California town still captures my heart and soul. It is breathtaking. If you haven't been....go.
 One of the events....
 Another one of my favorite co-workers from way back when...Rubin!

Home Sweet Home for a few days...
Easter weekend. He has risen and I am grateful for grace, faith, forgiveness and love. 
 Life motto. Love life :)
 Mid April trip to St. Louis. Got to close Chapter 24 of my life here at Busch Stadium cheering on the Cardinals baseball team!! Yes, it's official, I am 25 :)
 Plus help this sweet girl, my cousin, get ready for her first prom when I got home!!

Being 25, I figured I needed to set a few goals. First up 25 ways to give back in my 'Chapter 25.' I was so lucky to kick off my list in style. I was able to use my talent for good and help set-up and decorate for the Joplin Prom this past weekend. Most of you know Joplin was hit hard last Spring by the tornadoes that swept the south. It was so much fun giving back and helping the kids enjoy their 'Wishes do come true' prom. Then seeing sweet friends topped off the birthday weekend. 25 is looking like a pretty glass full year and I couldn't be more thrilled to embrace it and make the most of each and every day!  God bless!