Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Month of Fun Chaos

One word to describe the last month: traveling
To the outside world at times: Chaos
To me: Wonderful

I'm back home from a whirlwind of traveling, some for pleasure- most for work; all enjoyable.
Here's my quick round up for my records.

Mount Rushmore Trip with my grandmother and Dad. South Dakota was....filled with pheasant hunters for opening weekend {yes- ran into some Razorback rednecks there} and Mount
Rushmore. Nothing more than the corn palace and Wall Drug {home of the ten foot rabbit} exist in the Fall there. :) Oh and Crazy Horse too.
Fall arrangements for a non-profit fundraiser in Little Rock. Here's a peak at one.

First trip to Boston at the end of October! Great working there for a few days. Cool. Cool town. {Note to self- go back and visit.}Halloween time. Went to the Witches Brew with my Momma. Her and her friends do this every year. This year chef Donnie Ferneau came and taught us how to cook- excuse me, cooked for us. It was delicious and so much fun! I'm the witch in the back-red mask to avoid my identity. ha {just in case they got out of hand. Kidding.}Could do a whole post on everything he made. We'll see if that gets accomplished this year. I'm guess no. Sorry- guess you had to be there! ;)
Wedding time in Maumelle. I even perfected the art of driving a scissor lift and hanging fabric with 30 mph wind along the Arkansas river. But at least it turned into looking like this for the wedding {and perfect weather- Thank you Lord!}.
For more wedding images go to Benfield's blog.

Then Fayetteville for to witness the Hogs beating South Carolina and off to California for the week!!! Got to play with old coworkers and work with new coworkers for the week!
Nashville Bound to meet up with Momma and Sister!
For Blair {my cousin} & Jeff's wedding!!! Love them and so happy for them!
We also got to hang out with the Whitt side of the family! Here are a few of us that toured the Ryman Auditorium while we were there.
Off to St. Louis for the Monet exhibit.
Before back to LR for the Hogs to whip MSU in football and move to #3 in the country!!!
Prayers still going up for the Uekman Family and Razorback nation. But I have a feeling that the big man upstairs is taking care of us all {and might really deep down be a hog fan). }
Now off to get ready for the rest of the week/weekend. Get to see all my friends and celebrate all of Natalie's Wedding festivities. Busy time during the holidays, but being busy is always good. Happy Thanksgiving week to you and yours, wish you all great blessings!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Nat's Kitchen Shower

Natalie had her first shower a few days ago,
it was so much fun! Here are a few party pics from it!
Natalie with Mrs. Francis & Mrs. Lisa (her 'moms')
Chelsea and I with the Bride to be! Loved seeing these two as always. All of our lives are so busy right now that it is fun having a friend gettin' hitched so we can all hang out! Natalie is our third friend to get married this calendar year so it was exciting that her showers are upon us!

I also got to see Miss Maggie, who was in town from NYC!

A few of the Bridesmaids!
A group of the 'younger gals' at the shower! So much fun catching up with these friends!
I think I get more excited about my close friends showers than I will when my own get here. ha

Green Bay

October kicked off a month full of travel. I decided to do a post on each city I visited mainly for keeping my records and memory straight but also featuring fun stops and great eats in case you find yourself there.
Earlier this month I headed to work an event at...
Overview of where the Packers play.... (those are grass growing lights on the field fyi they shine half day on the left 50 yards, half day on the right)
On the field :)
Chris and I sent this picture to our coworker Jason that hadn't gotten in town yet. We were working hard this day. {Actually we just decided to take the Lambeau Field tour after meetings and our walk thru}

Green Bay is a lovely town. We hit a beautiful seventy degree weekend and could not have asked for nicer weather- plus I loved that the trees were changing colors already! Welcome Fall!

Night one, I got to meet up for dinner with this guy! DJ and I went to high school together and he now lives and works in Green Bay. DJ, Chris, and I went to Hinterland Brewery. It was wonderful!
Day 2 my favorite lunch spot was over looking the river. Fox Harbor Pub & Grill

Then we were in full work mode setting up for the Hiring our Heros veterans job fair.

After the event, I had to show an Iowa and DC guy the proper way to cheer on the hogs since the Auburn game came on at perfect timing to the end of our event!

Food Recommendations: Cheese curds are a must try (taste like mini cheese sticks to this southern gal)

Zoo Jam

October 2, Crain Ford presented ZOO JAM to benefit the Little Rock Zoo. It was a day of country music out on War Memorial Golf Course. What a great way for me to rewind after September and the previous week!

We got there just in time to see Sara Evans (with a not too bad spot either!)
Jessica, Me, Danielle
Next up was Eric Church...
Followed by Toby Keith.
It was a perfect day to sit outside, do nothing but listen to country music :)
{my version of heaven as my friends know}

Wake me up when September ends...

Wake me up when September ends...

I feel that song lyric explains how my 'blog' life has been.

Here we go with a recap of the last half of September which was one fun ride.

9.9.11 Wedding: Had a crew of 5 in Morrilton, Arkansas for Young Designs wedding. Pictured above is one of the bouquets I made.
Went to Branson with the girls to celebrate Natalie's Bachelorette weekend!!! Sadly, I just have my iPhone pics and no group shot. But here is one of our Bride, out Saturday night!
9.24.11: This lovely lady turned 83! You will hear about her birthday trip soon on the blog. Love my Meemaw!
9.23.11: Headed to Harrison, Arkansas for another Williams' Family Wedding! Love working with this sweet family and have had the pleasure of doing 3 of their daughters special days. We went to Big Cedar Lodge for the rehearsal dinner...
then I coordinated the outdoor wedding on Saturday.
Then we are at the last week of September: I had the pleasure to work with the Markham group and Clinton Foundation on President Clinton's 20th Anniversary from declaring he was running for office. There was a speech at the Old State house, then a staff bbq at the Clinton Library where Chicago preformed. It was a great learning experience for me and I had a blast working with my team.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Quotes for Monday

Just posting three favorites that I ran across today! Hope everyone is having a great week!


Monday, September 12, 2011

2 Rounds down...

Hello blog friends! Thanks for stopping by.

2 rounds of tailgating and hollering for the Hogs are down and we are up 2-0. Here are a few pictures of the first games! I couldn't help but laugh and snag a picture of my favorite football fans making sure the truck was ready to head to the pit in Fayetteville.

Game 1: Walk thru

Visited with friends!
Hogs beat Missouri State.

Then this weekend, the Razorbacks played in the rock! Chelsea & Seth had a tailgate and it was so much fun! Here are the girls!
And since the game was on 9/10 Arkansas paid tribute to the 9/11 victims and their families in honoring and remembering the 10th Anniversary of 9.11.01.
This picture gives me chills. Loved being a part of the 'red' section!

Hogs won! This weekend, it's time to skip the football game and head with the girls to celebrate Natalie's Bachelorette Party in Branson! Can not wait to hang out with all my friends and celebrate with the Bride-to-be!!!