Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday

Today I'm linking up with Michelle at The Vintage Apple
with a few Pinterest favs and must sees.
You MUST zoom in on the next picture and read it. You will die laughing. I love the creativity in this.
Sparkling Clean!
Laughing is fun. And my friends are pretty funny, so I'm in luck!
Yellow is working for me this year- it's no red, but it IS moving on up in my likable color schemes.
Driftwood headboard...hello.
Instead of going on a shopping spree I will just drool over cute outfits on Pinterest.
Normally, I'm not a fan of green but I love this outfit.
And to be here. Right now.
{A girl can dream, right?}
These made me laugh. Wine glasses with straws :)
Sweet Potato Skewers
And the day continues....
Hope you found something pinteresting about today's post :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

'pin a quote

It's no lie. Women across the nation are addicted to pinterest. And now....I have joined them! I first learned about it a few months ago, from my sweet friend Lara, inquiring on twitter led to fellow event planner, Amy Hardin inviting me to join this 'network.'

I've heard numerous rumors on how much time you can waste/spend on this website, so I was hesitant to begin. But today I took the plunge and created a few boards. One group I love dearly, my quotes. Here are a few favorites from today!
Every moment is a learning experience.

Life Purpose.

Self Motivation.

& life advice.

Yes, I think Pinterest and I will have a long and happy relationship! ha


One of my favorite stores, Riffraff in Fayetteville, Arkansas is having a facebook sweepstakes!!!
Be sure to add "Shawna Young" as your referral when you enter it here. {sorry for the shameless plug, I WANT/Need the gift card :) } Riffraff is owned by one of my sorority sisters, Kirsten and has been such a great retail store for the Fayetteville Town Square. So proud of Kirsten and her accomplishments with the store! Check out the Riffraff blog here.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sun-day; Fun-day

With nothing scheduled for this weekend, I was getting ready to relax and take it easy... then came my lovely idea on Wednesday {finalized Thursday around 3pm} to have a garage sale! Being the girl who loves a challenge, and task/deadline, it was a successful adventure involving greeting guests/shoppers at 6am both Friday and Saturday mornings at my house. Not to mention putting signs out at 5am. It was a successful weekend!

Then it was Sunday and a packed day today was and is...

Women's World Cup: Watched the whole game down to the final PK's. It was an awesome, hard-fought game, with a not-so favorable finish for the U.S. Congrats to Japan. However, it did make me miss playing a game that I loved from age 5 to 18. In high school someone told us you run about 5-7 miles in a game, {Probably 10-13 or so in a professional game }. I could get through it then, but doubt I'd last 5 minutes today. I might have to go play soon though just for fun :) Any takers?!
As I sat on the couch watching the game, I finally got my ETSY store open!! YAY, for bridal bouquets and bridesmaids bouquets!! Shop and order here. Don't see what you like, email me!
Another pro event was on earlier today, the British Open, so you know we had that on at our house!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Picture Overload: Don't mind if I do.

After chatting with my sister last night, she informed me I've been slacking on my blog.
Almost a month= unacceptable
Allow me to introduce to you picture overload ;)

Family reunion at Mexico Beach occurred.

It was the 10th trip for the Whitt Family reunion and we had 45 people there this year. {Actually only a small portion of the 80+ members.}
Pictures that sum up our trip:
Packed car to Karaoke, and the next pick is for you A...
The front seat!
We did a little singing, dancing, and celebrating...
and were mostly beach bums who ate amazing food.
I even had oysters for the first time- I LOVE baked ones. Probably thanks to eating them on garlic bread and the fact that they were smothered in Parmesan cheese.
We had a blast!
The next weekend home, I was off to Harrison, Arkansas for Layne & Logan's wedding. They are a couple that I have been working with since December. It was so much fun seeing everything come to life for their wedding weekend. Check the posts here.
Work has been busy, which is great. And I have a lil' something new up my sleeve for my readers to keep an eye out for...
More details coming soon, as well as fun posts ahead.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Natalie's Engaged!!

July 3, Natalie and Ben got engaged!!! I could not be happier for these two friends. The first part of July has been full of celebrating their engagement! Here I am with Natalie the night she said "YES!!"
Then a week ago, the Stagg's hosted a party for family and friends! I loved catching up with these lovely ladies...
Chelsea, Natalie, Me
Miss Megan
and Hannah {plus our friend Melissa who some how escaped my party pics.}

It was so much fun! Congrats Natalie & Ben, Love yall!