Monday, November 22, 2010

Dazzle Days

Dazzle Days in Conway started Thursday night. Friday, we took a girls trip to enjoy the day and shop a lil' bit.

My Sweet Grandmother and I
First stop: Lunch at the delicious Oak Street Bistro
Momma and her Momma!
Aunt Leah and her favorite niece!
Such a fun day with the girls!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

What Inspires You?

One of my favorite Arkansas design blogs is At Home In Arkansas. In June, I learned about a design contest on their website. Design Sherpa was doing a "What Inspires You" contest. The winner- gets a trip to Paris and $10,000. Why not apply I thought?

Step 1: Pick a picture that inspires you and in 100 words say why.

Well my picture and write-up got in the top 35, then I did a 350 word essay- Sadly, I didn't go any further. But....
My picture (shown above) and the words that put me into the top 100 made Design Sherpa's Blog TODAY!! They featured my entry {here}. I got an email this evening and was so surprised and excited so I had to share it with you all. Click here and leave a comment {about how I should have gotten the trip to Paris....KIDDING- Don't do that, but feel free to leave a sweet comment! } And thank you so much to Design Sherpa for featuring me! What a wonderful surprise to end the day!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Blessing Box: Day in Review

Today, I am linking up with Natalie at Extraordinary Love for the Blessing Box!
I am extremely blessed.

Today I am counting my blessings for:
  • A wonderful family-whom I love dearly! Especially my sweet mother who helps me daily with home-life and business.
  • The Best Friends a girl could have-Miss you all and can't wait to catch up! With all of our busy schedules-Phone tag has been a popular game!
  • K-Love: The Radio Station! I have been in fast-paced/living by my planner these last few days, and today I was headed home with the radio on K-Love. A song, "Slow Down" came on and hit me right on the head. Lately, I have been in "forward-focus" worrying about the year, 3-years, 5-year, etc. plan- instead of focusing and enjoying what is going on right now in life. {October was the complete opposite of this ha} November 2010 only comes once, and I feel everyone has bi-passed it and moved on to Christmas season. So enjoy November and I am going to try to do this too.
  • Blessed to be able to drive a car daily. Definitely is a stress reliever for me. {Some people hate being in a car by themselves, I am the opposite} And of course I'm jammin' to music...especially when the country stations are playing good tunes!
  • My super sister that is traveling back from NYC on FRIDAY!!! She gets to be home {well the south} for a little over a week. Can't wait to have her back for a little bit.
  • Father/Daughter dates! Daddy and I went to Chili's tonight and had the best time! Growing up, my mother has been in the same bunko group since I was itty-bitty; so we would have Father/Daughter dates on those nights once a month. Well tonight, mom was with her Bunko Babes- so Daddy and I were on our own! Love him so. Pretty sure Father/Daughter dates will still have to occur on bunko nights even when I'm married!
  • Meeting new people and well meetings too!
  • Starbucks Passion Iced Tea with Liquid sweetener
  • U.S. Pizza to-go {esp. the Maumelle branch that I visit weekly} and of course their ranch dressing is a huge blessing!!! {I heard that everything you eat catches up to you when you turn 30, so I am making sure I enjoy U.S. Pizza and their highly calorie filled ranch dressing until then!}
  • Life is good today!
Hope you liked my random blessings....

What are your blessings today?
Grab the button and be sure to link up to Natalie!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

November 13, 2010

If you follow me on twitter or facebook, you might think this post is about the wonderful couple that got married this weekend/the wedding that Young Designs did yesterday in downtown Little Rock.....or.......the CALS Centennial Celebration that happened last night which has kept me busy this past week. But you see it's not. This day has a lot more meaning to it......

First off, Happy Birthday Uncle Al!


A year ago this day, I was sitting in my usual spot- laptop on table/coffee in hand- at the Coffee Bean on Sepulveda Blvd. in Culver City, California, trying to decide what to do. I had a decision to make- whether to stay in California or move back home; and no idea what I would do in either place, just knew I wanted it to do something in the event industry. That night, sitting in that spot. I made a decision. Called my mom, and said "Book your flight, your baby girl is headed home." Two days later, I met her in Las Vegas to begin my journey home. While in the coffee shop that night, I soaked in it all. That seat had been where I kept this blog alive while in California, and it was my last time to be there. I sent my friends and family a text message saying I had made my decision. Once I got back to my apartment, that I had to be out of either way by the 15, my brain was turning. There sitting in my bed, I came up with the words "Young Designs," came up with my plan and how I was going to start it. Who I was going to contact, how I was going to do this. The company name was decided on in LA- that night, my company's name. I am a firm believer that the good Lord has a plan and his plan is far greater than we can ever fathom, ladies and gentlemen-- that was His doing-- His turning the new page--His creation, guidance and leading. With my boss Mark Sheldon giving me the confidence that I could do it, and have 30+ people in LA to call with any questions- I said good bye to the greatest experience a 22 year old could have, and hello to the next step of my climb.

So on this day, I am reminded of that. While working at my twelfth wedding of the year for Young Designs, and while my first corporate event is taking place- all on the same night. I am at the wedding reception and the brother of the bride tells me, "look Shawna, you did it." I look over and yes, we can see the fireworks from the Centennial Celebration at the wedding. It was a joke that I got it for the Bride and Groom- but just a mere coincidence since the events were 5 blocks way. It was a celebration inside (me) of all sorts. One I can't explain. So that day, I am reminded of making that call to Mom and naming my company a year ago. Now it's not a name- it's an identity of its' own and growing and announced on Friday, it was named top 3 event designers of Central Arkansas by Soiree Magazine!!!! HE has a plan for each of us, and when you second guess that "sign," the good Lord will show you a far bigger one; even if it is bringing you an event for 400+ to plan 3 weeks out- to show you- you are on his course.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

26th Annual Opus Ball

The 26th Annual Opus Ball was Saturday night, and I was honored to attend. It is put on by the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra and helps support music education for all of Arkansas' youth!

Here's a few party pics before we headed out:
Like Mother, Like Daughter!!

I was so excited to find out we had an extra ticket and that Natalie, my college roommate, could join in on the fun!
Love dressing up!
The event was at the Capitol Hotel downtown, and was gorgeous! There was a silent and live auction, with lots of great items. Mom, Natalie and I have the silent auction rounds down pat. Mom insists she created two "mini-monsters" when it came to raising bids. Sadly, none of us won anything that we bid on. That just means we really didn't need it, but by bidding on it, we were helping contribute to more money raised for the Opus foundation. Better luck next time, I guess. ha While we were making our rounds, Dad was keeping us updated on the Hogs, who I must add beat South Carolina while we were at the gala.

When we got home, I realized we didn't get a picture of our family. So here we are bundled up and freezing :)
Such a fun Saturday night!

Fall. Back.

Hope you "Fall Back" with the rest of the world today!

What are you doing with your extra hour gained today?

For me: It will be used- cleaning. organizing. blogging. cooking. Possibly shopping a little.
But shhh don't let my secret out that I actually do those things.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Show Time!

Guess what is in town!?!


Wednesday night, my family (minus sis who lives on the East Coast), took Meemaw out- for a night on the town to celebrate her Birthday! We had dinner at Riverfront Steakhouse before going to see Wicked!

Here is the Birthday girl with a few of her favorite people!

And the group shot...Don't think Momma is quite ready- but it is the only one we made a stranger take. So it is posted for all to see :)
Love each and every one of them.
(Side note: Sis- we missed you but can't wait for you to come home for Thanksgiving!!)

The play was WONDERFUL!! I highly recommend seeing it, while it is in town, if you can! But if you go, please act your age. We had a fight break out in the balcony down from us. Quite the excitement in the first act if you ask me- but grown adults are clearly too old to get into a cussing argument/grabbing shoulders in a dark theatre; guess not in Little Rock.

On to the Opus Charity Event this evening. So excited. Hopefully I will get a few pictures to share with you all. Have a wonderful Saturday :)