Sunday, January 29, 2012

Weekend away

First up a quote I found earlier this week... So. True. And words to live by!
Friday I loaded up and headed to Jonesboro for a little family fun, seeing friends and a bridal show. All-in-all= perfect weekend just needed one more day to see everyone I wanted to see. Guess that means time to plan another trip that way. Before I get thinking of my next trip, I need to recap about this one. After setting up our booths I headed out to Aunt Becki's for the night. Party in the barn! Love these sweet horses!
Favorite one, sorry I was bias Friday night cause this one was being super sweet to me!
Gotta little work in too. For more of that, go here.
Then one of the best nights spent with a great group of women, discussing an upcoming wedding and how it will all happen! It is going to be so much fun working with this group! Before I headed back to central Arkansas, we had a country cookin' feast at Becki's complete with her fried chicken!
mmm' mmm' good!

Party Time

Party time in January has included a Sweet Sixteen party for my cousin taking me 'back in time' to when I was that age.

Then a fundraiser with Gladys Knight who was amazing!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Kick start for 2012

Hello friends! In between catching up on the bachelor tonight and laughing hysterically at Betty White's senior citizen comedy, I figured I was due for a post. This past week was full of Hobby Lobby trips, breaking mirrors, greeting the UPS man on several occasions and all of the other lovely tasks that make up my booths for the bridal show. This was my third year for the January Arkansas Democrat Gazette Bridal show in Little Rock. After two years of getting my feet wet, I've decided to dive in head first to kick start 2012. The past few weeks/month has been devoted to getting Young Designs website launched, meetings, and preparing for this show {not complaining, for I wouldn't trade it for a thing}. However, now that it is checked off my list, it's safe to say I can come up for a little air.

Here are a few pictures of this years set-up. I wanted to do an end cap booth but with everyone in August loving our red carpet booth, I caved and did 3 spots. Two were together then we had the red carpet. Our end cap booth was a little flashy with a touch of my favorite color, red.
If the saying is true that 'if you break a mirror you are in for 7 years of bad luck' then I guess I have 210 years staring me straight in the eye. I'm hoping its' not true if you break them intentionally. But it was so worth it for this shot.

The Red Carpet.
And my awesome support system for the day. Julia, one of my on-site assistants, Momma Mona, Mrs. Vickie who is a former Mother-of-the-bride/my 6th grade teacher and her daughter Lacey, one of my bff's and former bride. They were great and I was so lucky they volunteered to help out all day. Thanks a bunch! After deep cleaning my office today {hooray}, the rest of the week is going to be major productive cleaning and pretty boring for a blog post aka reorganizing my house/unpack bridal show stuff, and closing out the year of 2011. So on that note, I hope yours is productive and enjoyable!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I've always heard actions speak louder than words. Along with Mr. Walt Disney's quote, I believe "doing" gets you further than just talkin' about it. I'm guilty of procrastinating with the best of them but plan on putting more action into this year! Thanks Walt!

The other night I came across this link with 12 inspirational quotes every entrepreneur should read and remember. Thought I would share a few of them...
Most of this week, and the past week has been spent preparing for the bridal show. If you are in Little Rock on Sunday, I would love to see you there :) {shameless plug}

Hope your mid-January day is going swell.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sweet Sixteen

Happy Birthday to my baby girl who is more like a little sister to me than a cousin.
Love her so!
Today she turned 16 and can drive in Arkansas. Got her license and is all grown up. I am so proud of the lady she is and the heart she has. She has a pretty good sense of humor to add with it too. :)

New Year's Eve

It came time to ring in the new year and Little Rock, Arkansas was the spot to be. A few of my 'single gals' and I decided that dinner at Loca Luna and then Next Level Events would be the perfect recipe for fun- and it was! Here are a few iphone pics of the night.
Above: Jessica & I, below Jenny & Molly all at Loca Luna getting our last meal of 2011 in.
Then it was off to the party! As I referred to it as {blast from the past} loved seeing friends from high school, sports growing up, sorority sisters, and friends from college all at the same spot. Great catching up with everyone and ringing in 2012! Here's the only 2 pics I have from there... Running into Melissa!

Now time to par-tay!

End of year recap: 2011 in words

Here's what I wrote last year, in 2010, to start this lovely post...
"Okay, Last Year I wrote this as my introduction..... (NOW- 2 years ago)
"2009. Where did it go?
I have been asking myself this a lot lately. It seems I blinked and a whole year passed. But looking back on this year, it has been amazing and definitely one to remember.
My year was so unpredictable yet perfectly planned. So perfectly planned that I was aware each day that no matter what I had decided, God had a plan that was going to happen. In the end, I was taught that no matter what, you have to trust in his plan, wear your heart on your sleeve, a smile on your face, and have no regrets, for everything happens for a reason.
I guess I should issue this....
WARNING: I am a very detailed individual and remember everything so beware of post length."
Well I must agree, I would say the same about this year. All of it except...
"2010. Where did it go?""

It still fits- so this year is "2011. Where did it go?" or shall I say where did I go...
I had no clue how to start this post. Then remembered, I had done it two years already and third time's a charm, right? What I didn't expect was to reread those first few lines and gain motivation from myself and the words I wrote when I was 22. Oh that girl, at times I wish I could be her again. As crazy as that sounds, she was ready to conquer the world and there was no stopping her. As I am looking back, I am learning from myself- as I strive to learn and improve each and every day; I am gaining/renewing my motivation to be the best I can be in every area of my life. It is a roller coaster world we live in with constant ups and downs plus inner emotional highs and lows mixed in on the ride. That's how I feel at the moment closing out the year.

So the recap: If we were playing the numbers game...
  • 2 would be the countries I spent time in. Jamaica for a March va-cay with my sister and of course USA. The fact that I have driven on both the left and the right side of the road this year introduced me to anxiety but improved my resume for "Amazing Race."
  • 3 beach trips (Jamaica, Destin, & Mexico Beach, Florida).
  • 3 bachelorette parties (Nashville, Destin, & Branson)
  • 4 the number of weddings I was in. Lacey & Brandon got married 1-1-11 in Little Rock and I had the honor to coordinate/plan Lacey's wedding as well as be a bridesmaid. Next was Amanda's big day marrying Bradley. I was a house attendant and did the flowers at her reception in May. Then June came Gail & Brenton's fairytale in Memphis where I was in the house party. Followed by Natalie and Ben's November wedding where I was Maid of Honor and got to help her in the planning process. I am so excited for these 4 couples and wish them all the success and love in their married life.
  • 6 contract jobs this year. So flash back to when I was 22 and getting out of college. Common rule is have 2 years of industry experience to do contract and travel event planning and management. I added that to my 2 year goal then and one of my favorite moments and a high of this year was achieving that. It led into 6 contract jobs this fall in Minneapolis, Green Bay, Boston, 2 in LA, and one in Little Rock with the same company that happens to have a base location in LR. Not only was it fun exploring and working in the different cities but working with fun people that make me laugh and are hard workers.
  • 24. Has a double standard. Turned 24 and completed coordination/design weddings for Young Designs at the end of 2011..24. Yes, 24 completely done and in the file as 'completed weddings.' Makes me feel like I have aged 5 years just thinking about it- and have gray hairs forming {kidding- but I might check in the morning}. As a business owner I am so blessed to do what I love on a daily basis. I was asked 'do you still love it' earlier this year and had to stop and think. Yes I do, but in a different way than the beginning. At times I have thought 'how do business owners have a heart.' I want to help and do and plan for everyone I meet and know- but in reality- I can't. I have to earn a living and stay true to the value of my business. I feel as though that is my greatest challenge as a business owner but it has shown me the greatest reward this year, in many ways and worked out for the best in each case.

Learned from this year, treasure it as a great one, and am able to put my best foot forward to position myself exactly where I am meant to be both personally, as a family member and friend, and professionally to start 2012 where I should. Happy New Year to you!
For 2010's summary click here
For 2009's summary click here

December 2011

December was a FUN month~
Went with my bunco group to Spirited Art to prepare a WPS painting!
Festival of Trees: Business Casual Night
Worked the first part of the month until the night of the 10th on Arkansas Children's Hospital's Miracle Ball. It was a packed working week but so much joy and hope was in knowing we were all part of raising money for this great cause. ACH raised over $500,000 that evening. How great is that? I was honored to be a vendor and Young Designs a sponsor of the event. This was my second year working on it. So blessed. Here are a few shots of our finished project..

You'll notice a certain logo on the bottom right....Young Designs. Happy to be a part of an awesome cause.
After the event I got to celebrate Christmas with my college friends that were in town and exchange gifts. This was my first Christmas event to kick off the season and get me in the spirit. To be honest the next week, my brain was fried from overload and 9 straight hands-on working days- so my brain took a vacation and I don't even remember what I did.

Meemaw and I made a last minute road trip and headed to Bentonville, Arkansas. Did you know Travel & Leisure just named Bentonville the #12 spot of top 12 destinations in 2012?! Such a great honor for our state. We went to visit Alice Walton's Crystal Bridges Art Museum. Meemaw was so excited. Which I can agree, you must visit it! MUST! It is one of the top museums in the world and after seeing museums in DC, Italy, St. Louis, Arkansas, and various other places- it is one of my personal favorites. (And one that I didn't get bored in- so that has to say something if it can keep my interest for 4+ hours) If you go, eat lunch or dinner at the cafe 11. Great food for very reasonable prices- we approved of the shrimp & grits and the Chicken Salad.

One of my favorites... Norman Rockwell...
{Yes they allow photography- just no flash!}
Once we returned it was time to celebrate Mom's birthday and get ready for Christmas! We hosted Christmas Brunch at our house on Christmas morning and it was so much fun. Of course at 10pm the night before, after Christmas Eve service, I decided to decorate the table with items around the house. Here's what I came up with.
Santa was good to me and more importantly I am so grateful for the reason of the season, to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and have a personal relationship with him. Along with spending time with family and friends, it was a wonderful Christmas! Hope you all had a very merry Christmas! Did you get any 'must have' gifts for me to add to my 2012 needs? If so, leave a comment and do tell ;)

One of my best friends weddings..

November 26, 2011 my bff Natalie and {her now husband} Ben tied the knot in Little Rock! Natalie and I roomed together our last 2 years in college and is one of my very dearest friends. I was so happy to be a part of her and Ben's big day, along with these lovely ladies {and dear friends as well}!
The weekend was so. much. fun. We danced, laughed, and had a ball! Getting ready together, drinking starbucks, getting make-up fixed and hair curled- it was a blast at the Peabody in Little Rock!

Then we danced the night away to an awesome band and celebrated the new couple! Love them!!
Photos by Christopher Nolan Photography- his were way better than mine so I figured you would enjoy them more!