Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Trend Tuesday: Fresh Flowers

Over on my Young Designs blog, we do a trend Tuesday post on the latest industry trends.

Today's trend Tuesday was on "fresh flowers." Here is the fun arrangement I made Sunday out of the garden for Father's Day. If you remember on my Dad's birthday, I gave him ohhhh 225+ bulbs to plant. Well on Father's Day, I was able to make something for him. To my surprise when we got home from Florida, all of the bulbs were blooming so I made him this for Father's Day.
Read today's trend Tuesday post {here} and go pick some flowers for a homemade arrangement. Summer is HERE!!!! Hip hip Hooray!

Weekends Away: Post 4

For the 4th weekend away, I headed up to Fort Smith, Arkansas to work with J. Bailey Occasions on a wedding there! You might remember me talking about Jenessa in one of my first posts here.

Luckily my Dad had to work in Fayetteville Friday and Saturday night so we carpooled!
I had so much fun in Fort Smith hanging with J. Bailey and Co. Even got to play with her sweet new baby boy! Sadly, this is the only picture I got from the weekend.
But isn't it awesome!!! Harps in Ft. Smith did the best Razorback/field cake that I had seen in a while.

Sunday morning, my Dad and I were off to meet the rest of the family in MEXICO BEACH!! We arrived at 11:00pm and I was SO glad vacation was upon us. More to come on that the next few days....

Locks of Love

Hello Folks,
I have been a little M.I.A. recently and have lots to fill you in on.

June 10, I made a change when it comes to appearance and cut off TEN inches of my hair! I was in desperate need of a hair cut whether trim or something new. I had been thinking about doing Locks of Love for the summer since March and well June is here. So why not? I had made up my mind. Then held a ruler up to see what 10" off would actually come to. Second guessed the situation for a second. Then came to the conclusion that hair will grow back and that I would want someone to do the same for me.
I was off to do "Locks of Love" for the very first time.

I went to Oh La La Salon in Little Rock (off Cantrell Rd.) to see my talented hairstylist/friend Miss Emily Critz! Here we are before she chopped my hair off. :)
Before Pictures:
Back: See how ridiculously long it had gotten...
Bye, Bye, ten inches.... No turning back now.
After seeing that the straight across mid neck/longer than chin length look made me look 12 years old again, Emily threw in layers and bangs! Waaaaa LAAAA..... Here is the new me!!!

I LOVE having short hair! (At least for the first week and a half). It was so much cooler at the beach and makes me feel a little sassy too. HA Not sure if the sassy part is good or bad for me yet. Guess I will just have to wait and see.

I would DEFINITELY recommend doing Locks of Love if you can. Remember your hair will grow back. Also, if you are in the Central Arkansas area go visit Oh la la Salon and get Miss Emily to style you up. She is EXCELLENT!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Weekends Away: Post 3

Harrison, Arkansas was my home-away-from-home this past weekend. Check out where I was able to work Thursday through Saturday. I feel in love with this place, Kirby Manor.
I was in town for another sorority sister, Hannah William's wedding. She was marrying her highschool sweetheart, Brent on Saturday. Here is the happy couple Friday night at dinner!
I just loved catching up with sweet Jill Williams all weekend!!! Great seeing you!
Dayna and her sweet man! Had so much fun with you two (and your parents)!
Here are a few more pictures from Saturday!
My favorite arrangement by Sisters Flower Shop!!!

And now for this week....in Arkansas till Friday when I am heading up to Fort Smith for one more wedding before I hit the beach!!!!

weekends Away: Post 2 Jewell Wedding

AHHHH I had so much fun being a bridesmaid for the first time!!! It was fitting that Chelsea and Seth were the first ones to march down the aisle since they have dated the longest! Here are a few favorites from their big day.

We got our hair and make-up done!!!
Once we looked up to par, it was time to get ready! Here is the Bride getting in her gown!
My Arkansas loves
The entire wedding party
Ceremony: Check
Time to PARTY!!!!
Seth surprised Chelsea and sang her a song!!! So sweet!
And this....Well it is what friends are for!!!!
haha LOVE it! Such a fun weekend in Memphis! Keep a lookout for Chelsea & Seth's blog for more wedding details (I don't want to spoil the fun) and their photographer's blog (Dale & Mere) too!!

Weekends Away: Post 2 (Part 3)

Friday May 28, was so much fun! The girls enjoyed a Bridesmaids luncheon at the Nail Bar on Harbor Island in Memphis. Here are some pictures from the day:

Walking in Memphis!!! Amanda, Chelsea, and I went for a walk over to Mud Island before it was time to get ready for the Rehearsal dinner. Such a fun relaxing day!

All dressed up!!! Chelsea with her bridesmaids!!!

Our little camp family....all grown up! The gorgeous flower girls and handsome ring bearers. They will be in my wedding someday. {Whether they are flower girls & ring bearers, jr. maids, or old enough to be my bridesmaids and an usher, they will make the cut! }
And here is the bride, Miss Chelsea Rose on her last single night EVER!!! Sporting her "Seth & Chelsea Forever" shirt from the eighth grade!

Then we could see fireworks at the Autozone ballpark from the rooms at the Peabody. That just made the night complete since the Memphis Redbirds ball boy and the sweet eighth grader sitting behind home plate were about to tie the knot the next day!!!!! AHHH it was finally here!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Weekends Away: Post 2 (Part 2)

After checking in at the Peabody, our first activity was a group dinner at a Memphis Staple Restaurant which happens to be one of my favorite places to eat at across the Mississippi River.....The Famous Rendezvous!!!
First off, girls, always pack a plan B outfit for the night just in case the super cute fun dress that you were planning to wear might have a broken zipper thanks to being super smart and dry cleaning it before you left for the weekend. I was thankful I threw in a extra dress in the mix of packing for the weekend because outfit plan B made an appearance!
Pictures from the night!!
Waiting for our Pork and Ribs! (Have no fear, I got a whole rack of ribs. Sadly, three were left on my plate. So disappointed in myself. LOL)
Chelsea was already glowing at this point, waiting on food with Alison and Maggie (two of her Memphis Bridesmaids)!
Love this girl!!! Miss Ashley Hale...The one and only!

Mr. Dean and Mrs. Denise Rose kicking off the wedding weekend!
A few of the Arkansas crew: Chad, Luke, and Ashley
The end of the table we had Katherine, Helen, and Zach
And the precious couple that was super thrilled that their wedding weekend was finally here! Chelsea & Seth
Jimbo & Jesse (two of the Memphis groomsmen) giving Mrs. Denise some sugar!
Chelsea with her new Mother-In-Law and future hubby (at this point).
Group shot hanging out in the hotel room before we hit Beale St.

Ohhh....Beale St. Where to go? Where to go?
Live Music at Rum Boogie Cafe... Yes, Please!
We had to begin getting prepared for the wedding reception!
Senorita Helen and Miss Alison
Bestie Natalie Jean and I! What would I do without you?
Hannah, Chelsea, Amanda
Arkansas Girls (Amanda, Ashley, Natalie)
A few of the groomsmen all hanging out!
Jimbo and Seth
Super cute engaged couple!! Luke and Ashley- finally got to see her gorgeous ring!
Group shot of some of the best, sweetest, most fun girls you will ever meet! I heart them! They simply are the best. If you don't know 'em, you should! And that concludes night one of the wedding weekend! It was a successful night! Part 3 coming your way tomorrow because I was obsessed with capturing this weekend and it is too good not to share!