Sunday, February 20, 2011

Daddy's Birthday!

This has been one fun weekend! Yesterday was my Dad's birthday! Last night Mom, Dad and I attended the Argenta Community Theater grand opening in downtown NLR. It was so awesome. I was volunteering but then got to sit at the same table as my parents. It was amazing hearing former President Clinton and Mary Steenburgen, along with many others speak. Definitely a night I will remember. We joked that since it was Dad's birthday, the party was for him. ha

Then today, we met Meemaw for lunch!
This is still the only woman that can keep him off the golf course, even on his birthday weekend!! They are so cute together! Love them both!

Happy Birthday to the best daddy two girls could have!! He is the best game buddy,
and "griller" you could ask for! :)
We all Love you and thank you so much for everything you do for us!! Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Like most of the south. It snowed here last week! We had so many birds in our yard with 8" of snow on the ground. So I snapped these pictures for my grandmother and figured I would share them here.

I also babysat 4 dogs at my aunt's in this winter adventure.
Then Saturday got my cousin all ready for a banquet.
And my cute parents off to the Chocolate Fantasy Ball {for the Ronald McDonald Houses}.
It was quite the entertaining photo shoot :) Love them.
So blessed to have these two.
Then yesterday was Valentine's Day! Got to make and deliver 11 arrangements around Central Arkansas including these lovely peach roses. It was so much fun surprising former clients, friends, and a few of my high school buddies girlfriends. ha
Other than that, it has just been Young Designs meetings with clients and potential clients for 2011! It is looking like another exciting year. {PS did a post about Anthropoligie STYLE today over there, so go check it out!}

Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Favorites

Well since the snow started falling in Maumelle today, I should have taken some items outdoors to do a 'snow shoot' inspired by this picture!!! But it is way to cold for that today. Who knows if I get cabin fever, my backyard might become my canvas. I'll keep you posted.
After braving Kroger, my cousin and I made some treats! Strawberry cake cupcakes and banana honey oat muffins. It was so much fun baking and delivering our goodies to the family around town.
But for the last few hours I have been catching up on my google reader and playing on-line. I discovered a few new favorites, so Friday Favorites is the topic tonight!
1) Love these escort cards in the white pots and succulents. So earthy, friendly, eco-chic, and other words I should invent. ha
2) Vintage luggage and suitcases are in this year for decorating and inspiration. I loved this picture as soon as my eyes landed on it. They are also a great idea for home decor stacked.
3) My favorite find. The next series of pictures. I love the barn, the inside of the barn, the chandeliers, the floral arrangements on the tables, and I could go on and on and on....But I will let the pictures do the talking from here....

4) My next favorite is the bottom picture of this wedding. How fun a photo wall with cut-outs so that guests could have a photo-opt. LOVE. This! Have been wanting to do a wall in frames and now I might have to have one at a wedding.
5) This picture. It just reminds me of SPRING! How {hopefully} near it is.
6)The Moet' Champagne ad. Scarett is perfect for it. It popped up on one of the wedding blogs I follow and I had to share it.
7) Red. It is the color of the month. My favorite color all year. And for some reason I just liked this picture.
What are your favorite things this week?
Hope your staying warm where ever you are. In the south, chances are you are freezing, so west coast friends and anyone taking a vacation, enjoy the sunshine for thousands of people who are envying you right this minute. Have a wonderful weekend friends!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Loving the fact that....
1) Year 1 is in the books!!! I finished all of Young Designs end of the year stuff and felt like I lost 30lbs!!! It was such a fun year and yes at times I think... I should write a book. If I did it might include a few of these stories: Secret Service being at one of the weddings, pulling double duty as a bridesmaid and coordinator/designer/owner overseeing staff, two events in the same night x 2. Getting a stain off a wedding dress minutes before wedding pictures {knew that tide stain stick was in my box for a reason}, seeing brides facial expressions when they walk into their reception and see it all set up, working/setting up a wedding in 100+ degrees from 9:00am-1:00am {with a sonic break of course}, moving 150 gold chiavari chairs by myself (never again.), setting up lighting around the ballroom solo (SO much fun!), putting a wedding together in 6 weeks (start to finish; it was one of my favorites from the year). Then a whole 'nother book could be pick-up lines on a wedding planner {or what is appropriate and whats not. ha}.
2) Majorly LOVING getting this image above and 3 CD's to browse through from Maura Dawn Photography of Lacey and Brandon's 1-1-11 Wedding! Picking my favorites are SO difficult. Warning you now: may be picture overload of this wedding. Great job of one of my sorority sisters photographing one of my best friend's wedding. 3) Trend Tuesdays are back and today's inspiration came from hands-on design playing in my office. Working on a few ideas brewing right now including the Conway Bridal Show at the end of February. Above is a sneak peak.

Central Arkansas Folks Again!

Sorry for the Back-to-back Central Arkansas folks post, BUT this one is for the Little Rock Metro Area peeps!
I'm doing Valentine's Day arrangements for Young Designs this year! Head over to our site here to learn all about the options. OR Email me: for an order form :) ONE WEEK till orders are DUE. No exceptions because I just can't order excess roses for the 'heck of it. Even though, I. Do. Love. them. {Especially surprising people with them!!! My lips are sealed till Valentine's Day of who already has them coming their way!}

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


In Central Arkansas??? You don't wanna miss this!
Inviting Company is having their "Paper Sale," and it is AWESOME to attend. LOTS of great deals {coming from an experienced former shopper}. Stock up on Christmas cards, Thank You notes, and other fun merchandise for prices that will shock you!