Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Favorites

Well since the snow started falling in Maumelle today, I should have taken some items outdoors to do a 'snow shoot' inspired by this picture!!! But it is way to cold for that today. Who knows if I get cabin fever, my backyard might become my canvas. I'll keep you posted.
After braving Kroger, my cousin and I made some treats! Strawberry cake cupcakes and banana honey oat muffins. It was so much fun baking and delivering our goodies to the family around town.
But for the last few hours I have been catching up on my google reader and playing on-line. I discovered a few new favorites, so Friday Favorites is the topic tonight!
1) Love these escort cards in the white pots and succulents. So earthy, friendly, eco-chic, and other words I should invent. ha
2) Vintage luggage and suitcases are in this year for decorating and inspiration. I loved this picture as soon as my eyes landed on it. They are also a great idea for home decor stacked.
3) My favorite find. The next series of pictures. I love the barn, the inside of the barn, the chandeliers, the floral arrangements on the tables, and I could go on and on and on....But I will let the pictures do the talking from here....

4) My next favorite is the bottom picture of this wedding. How fun a photo wall with cut-outs so that guests could have a photo-opt. LOVE. This! Have been wanting to do a wall in frames and now I might have to have one at a wedding.
5) This picture. It just reminds me of SPRING! How {hopefully} near it is.
6)The Moet' Champagne ad. Scarett is perfect for it. It popped up on one of the wedding blogs I follow and I had to share it.
7) Red. It is the color of the month. My favorite color all year. And for some reason I just liked this picture.
What are your favorite things this week?
Hope your staying warm where ever you are. In the south, chances are you are freezing, so west coast friends and anyone taking a vacation, enjoy the sunshine for thousands of people who are envying you right this minute. Have a wonderful weekend friends!

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