Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Like most of the south. It snowed here last week! We had so many birds in our yard with 8" of snow on the ground. So I snapped these pictures for my grandmother and figured I would share them here.

I also babysat 4 dogs at my aunt's in this winter adventure.
Then Saturday got my cousin all ready for a banquet.
And my cute parents off to the Chocolate Fantasy Ball {for the Ronald McDonald Houses}.
It was quite the entertaining photo shoot :) Love them.
So blessed to have these two.
Then yesterday was Valentine's Day! Got to make and deliver 11 arrangements around Central Arkansas including these lovely peach roses. It was so much fun surprising former clients, friends, and a few of my high school buddies girlfriends. ha
Other than that, it has just been Young Designs meetings with clients and potential clients for 2011! It is looking like another exciting year. {PS did a post about Anthropoligie STYLE today over there, so go check it out!}

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