Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pelican Hills Wedding: Upper Lawn

If you didn't fall in love with the Pelican Hills resort on my first post, you will in this post! The Wedding at Pelican Hills was produced by Emily at TFS Studio, and she did a wonderful job. Showcase #1: The Guest Card Table
When the guest arrived, they got their table cards here.... Isn't this just the coolest design EVER!! The aquarium had pegs attached to hold the place cards, then we filled it with water. Next, we floated flowers and the silver decor balls in between the place cards! Isn't this fun!?!
Showcase #2: Pay attention to the bar...
This custom made bar was designed by TFS Studio. As you can tell, the bar top was filled with live flowers then covered with a clear shield, so guests could set their drinks on it. This was a very colorful addition, along with the fabric, to an otherwise standard bar.
Showcase #3: The cocktail sitting area
The cocktail reception was held on the upper lawn at the Pelican Hill resort. As you can tell, the view was stunning. The floral arrangements were so unique and the perfect added touch to this elegant event.

More details to come on this fabulous wedding...

Monday, September 28, 2009

Venue: The Pelican Hill Resort

The weekend of September 12, I accompanied TFS Studio to Newport Beach for a gorgeous wedding. I am dividing this weekend into a few different posts because there are so many wonderful details to share. First Post goes to the venue: The Pelican Hill Resort. I immediately fell in love. While standing on the lobby balcony you can see the pacific ocean, a golf course rounding through the hills, and a huge circular swiming pool with lounge chairs.

I have ALWAYS said whenever I get married (which your guess is as good as mine here HA) I will get married in my hometown of Maumelle, Arkansas. However, when I set eyes on this place I could totally go for a destination wedding. The guys could play golf and the girls could go to the spa and la la la... : ) Enjoy the Beautiful pictures of the Pelican Hill Resort.

An Elegant evening

I had the privilege in assisting TFS Studio in designing and executing a private dinner event in Beverly Hills. The elegant intimate dinner was for 60 guests. Below are a few pictures of this incredible event.We brought in 6 of these tents and placed round tables under them for the guests. The tents looked phenomenal once the sun set and the lighting was visible. There were 5 round tables and then one tent for the entertainment. Here is a look at one of the tables...(didn't have time to get a picture once they were all set up sorry) Here is a peak at one of the table arrangements. There was a specific theme we were going for with the centerpieces and we hit the nail right on. The centerpieces were filled with luxury...my favorite parts of it: the unique glass perfume bottles that we bought while in Solvang, CA, and the wine filled decorative vases. Yes, they did have real wine in them (1/2 Merlot, 1/2 blush to get the right color). Pouring the 24 bottles of wine into the various jars and vases was intoxicating. haha Yes you can make fun of me for that last sentence, but the best was if you over poured.... rule was you had to sip it cause we "didn't want to waste any wine." : )

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Governor Ball Press Preview

September 10, Sequoia Productions allowed the press to come in and take a sneak peak at the 2009 Emmy's Governor's Ball. The venue was completely ready for the event besides perishables. The Governor's Ball actually runs twice, once after the creative arts award show and again after the primetime Emmy's. At the first sit down dinner there are 3200 guests, then 3600 guests on the night of the Emmy's. I was there representing Images By Lighting, who did all of the FANTASTIC lighting for the event!!!
There was a dome chandelier in the center of the 1 1/2 football lengths convention center room. Under it was a revolving stage with a grand piano and band set-up, surrounded by purple lounge furniture. There are two bars on either side of the stage which along with 4 lounge sections, divides the room into 6 sections to help control traffic flow. The columns were lit by LED lights and were around the room and each of the sections. Then on the far side of the room there was the main stage.

Here you can sort of see the main stage on the right. The Academy really wanted this years event to be full of color and they accomplished the client's mission.
Pete and I were there representing Images By Lighting and meeting with some of our clients that we had invited to the press preview.
And for a sneak peak at what the stars main dish was...
Patina catering did a fabulous job featuring: a Filet Mignon (fantastic*), stuffed ravioli, and vegetables (there is a fancier word for everything pictured on this plate, unfortunately I don't have one of the menus in front of me to describe the meal. Below is a picture of the very "rich" dessert, chocolate mousse and a cookie (again use your imagination for a better description!)
Overall, the press preview was a huge success. All of the television stations and reporters were excited to finally see the finished product, get pictures and details before the event occurred! I was very honored to attend representing Images. Look forward to my post on the Primetime Emmy's Dinner coming up soon :)

On Set...

Thursday September 10, I attended the press preview for the Governor's Ball at the LA Convention Center (more to come later). When our group was leaving, look what we stumbled upon....
My first movie set...
They were filming an Italian Christmas movie and using the lobby of the convention center as an airport terminal. Very Cool! Apparently this is used quite often as an "airport" terminal. Guess I better start paying attention to terminal scenes in movies : )
Of course I pretended that I was "checking-in" guests.
And my favorite part, they even put up signs to make it look more like a terminal!

Monday, September 21, 2009


Don't get me wrong, I love my internship, but on Labor Day...I was ready to PLAY!!! It was my first day off in 14 days (my choice to work weekends). SOOOOOOO I didn't sleep in, I got up early and headed to Huntington Beach to meet up with one of my AR friends from college, Brett, and some of his Boeing Buddies. I must say, the four of us had a PERFECT day! (Sorry- not trying to rub it in, but let me tell you why I thought it was so great!)
We met up in HB and had brunch at the Sugar Shack! Then all got ready for the beach and hopped in the car to head to Anaheim. Why Anaheim??? no beach there...
SONIC!!!!! AHHHH I was SO ready for a drink! And my fellow Southerns agreed, Brett is from AR (even though he now claims SC so no one will inform him that Clinton is from AR) and Breanna is from St. Louis and was a Kappa at Univ. of Tulsa! I haven't seen a Sonic since I got to Cali, cause there aren't any in LA (yes I googled). So the day was already perfect just by stopping here! And YES we all got 2 drinks each to take to the beach : ) ...NEWPORT BEACH!

We hung out at Newport Beach and the Balboa Bay Peninsula ALL day. It was absolutely beautiful, calm, and relaxing. We played with the soccer/volleyball like little kids : ) and just relaxed! Around 6pm we packed up and headed down the road to....

LAGUNA BEACH!!!! It was my first time to visit Laguna and it was Gorgeous! We went to Cliff Rd. and took some pics.

Here is one of our whole group (Breanna, Marcus (from Washington), Brett, and Me)...
Here's Me and Brett...
And now the Sunset....
After we took pictures, we walked around Laguna then ate dinner outside at the Brewery Restaurant. Then...it gets even better....we stopped in Irvine at PINKBERRY : ) for dessert. (Another first for me) It was GREAT! Then it was time to call it a day. We all parted and I headed back to Culver City to get ready for a busy week in the event industry!!!
Now, you can understand why I thought it was SO Perfect! I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Triple Wedding Weekend: Post 2

One of my favorite parts of my internship is getting to see the different venues California has to offer. Sunday of Labor Day weekend, I was with Curt Stahl of Images By Lighting!!! We had a great day hopping from location to location. The first venue we were at was the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles. Here is a picture of the ceremony area.... The chuppah was absolutely stunning!!!
The ballroom at the hotel was used for the reception site. You really can't see the beauty of the lights because it was still daylight when I took these pictures. But you can get an idea of what the Four Seasons Ballroom looks like : )
The flowers were done by Mark's Garden. Sorry the pictures are kinda blurry...
One of my favorite parts about this wedding was the onsite artist. She set up before the wedding to paint the backdrop, then stayed for the wedding to paint the event as it was taking place. It was so cool! Here is a picture of the work she had done before the wedding started...
Images By Lighting also had a wedding at the Beverly Hills Hotel in the Rodeo Ballroom. Side note: it was FREEZING in here but the room was so warm from colors used by Images. We used a rustic amber along the walls, with a Burgundy-red for the trees around the room and part of the stage. The bars had a light chocolate tint projected on them too.
A few pictures are before we closed the blinds. You do not really get the dramatic effect from the lights in daylight, but it is a nice suddle change as the sun goes down and the room gets darker.
In this picture, you can see more of the Rodeo Ballroom. We are still setting up here, but notice the white lights that blend in with the ceiling, and the chrome pin spot lights that the lighting designer used to light up the tables and floral arrangements. Also you can notice some of the stage lights in the background.The dance floor had a projection of flowers on it. This picture doesn't do the gobo justice since the dance floor still has the plastic covering on it.
Here is a picture of the bar....all lit up!!!
I loved how this wedding reception looked and felt so comfortable. All of the decor blended well with the room and with the lights, the room was elegant but calming at the same time. I was so thrilled to get to assist in the set-up of these three weddings with Images. They really do AMAZING work!!! (AND I'm not being bias, all of the LA Vendors love them, as do I! Check out their website at http://www.imagesbylighting.com/ )

Triple Wedding Weekend: Post 1

Labor Day weekend is a huge weekend for weddings, especially in California. Saturday, I went with Raymond Thompson of Images By Lighting to Pasadena. We were working at the BEAUTIFUL Atheneum. The Atheneum is a venue location on the California Institute of Technology campus. During the week it is used as a luxury teachers lounge for the professors of CalTech. On the weekends and nights, the ballroom, dining room, lounge area, and courtyard are available to rent for private events. You will fall in LOVE with this venue....
(Excuse the Ladder, all of these pictures were taking while we were setting up)

This is the view towards the campus. They sometimes set up chairs and have the ceremony along this aisle. Isn't it gorgeous !?!
One of my favorite aspects of Images By Lighting is their attention to detail. Ray and Curt really concentrate on making their lights blend in with the venue. You will never go to one of their events and see, pipes/bases uncovered, or lights that stand out. These pinspots in the picture below, are aligned with the columns and light up all of the floral arrangements on the tables. A Close up of the table arrangements...
This picture is a great angle of the courtyard, and view of the building. We up-lit all of the columns and spread a gobo across the dance floor. The lighting really set the mood once the sun set and the dancing began!!!
A few of the columns that we "up-lit."

Some of you may be wondering what I mean by up-lighting columns. Well.....Ray snatched my camera for some action shots while we were setting up, so let me explain. For this event, we placed Par 46's around on plates to light up all of the columns. We used one of Images favorite colors (321) which is a rustic amber. It works great for weddings! Here is a picture of me coloring the light with the gel...

And TaDA...We have the column lit, and the light covered to blend in from across the room!Hope you enjoyed this post from the Atheneum in Pasadena, California!