Thursday, September 10, 2009


Sunday after the wedding, it was time to strike then head back to LA! After all of the furniture and supplies were loaded back into the truck, our job was complete. All of us went into Los Olivos for Lunch, then Clifford, Brandon, and I headed to Solvang while the others took the truck back. We were on a mission shopping for a hair clip (yes for bridal veils- if you read an older post) AND we found the perfect one! I immediately fell in love with this friendly, cozy town in California. For starters the town square had a square lawn with a gazebo that reminded me of the TV show Gilmore Girls. They might have done some of there filming here, I will have to check. Isn't it cute...
We browsed several shops and saw some wonderful things! I got a really cute ring. Then on the way home Clifford and Brandon gave me the cutest bracelet that I had tried on in the store for Brandon's cousin. Thanks guys, you are too sweet! Also while we were window shopping I spotted this OWL Unique, I had to get a picture for all of my fellow Kappas and Chi-O friends : )
We left Solvang around 6pm with coffee for everyone : ) we really needed it! Luckily Brandon and I sang along to "the BEST radio station ever" (we prob. said this 15 times on the way home) to entertain Clifford for the drive. The station really did play great songs. They just kept getting better and better! HA The drive wasn't too bad either, it was the sun setting over the pacific ocean.

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