Monday, September 28, 2009

An Elegant evening

I had the privilege in assisting TFS Studio in designing and executing a private dinner event in Beverly Hills. The elegant intimate dinner was for 60 guests. Below are a few pictures of this incredible event.We brought in 6 of these tents and placed round tables under them for the guests. The tents looked phenomenal once the sun set and the lighting was visible. There were 5 round tables and then one tent for the entertainment. Here is a look at one of the tables...(didn't have time to get a picture once they were all set up sorry) Here is a peak at one of the table arrangements. There was a specific theme we were going for with the centerpieces and we hit the nail right on. The centerpieces were filled with favorite parts of it: the unique glass perfume bottles that we bought while in Solvang, CA, and the wine filled decorative vases. Yes, they did have real wine in them (1/2 Merlot, 1/2 blush to get the right color). Pouring the 24 bottles of wine into the various jars and vases was intoxicating. haha Yes you can make fun of me for that last sentence, but the best was if you over poured.... rule was you had to sip it cause we "didn't want to waste any wine." : )

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