Saturday, September 5, 2009


August 26, I went to my first industry networking event...Fete. Fete is for the top event industry owners and their employees. Lucky for me, all 3 of my companies were attending and invited me. I attended with Ray (from Images), Nick and Rubin (from AOO), and Brandon and Clifford (from TFS Studio). It was hosted by "the green room" which is an event venue in Hollywood. It was from 6-9, then all of my co-workers (yes from all 3 companies since they're good friends : ) ) and some other friends of theirs in the industry went out to eat. We all had a great time. I thoroughly enjoyed going and meeting different people. Plus a lot of them gave me advice on what they thought I should do next and lessons they have learned throughout the years. A major advantage of an internship, is that I am getting to learn from all of my co-workers' experience. Below are a few fun pictures we took while waiting for our table....
Nick, Kim, Me, and Rubin
Ray Thompson - Images By Lighting
Me and 2 of my AOO Boys : )

And here again with Nick...

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