Sunday, September 27, 2009

Governor Ball Press Preview

September 10, Sequoia Productions allowed the press to come in and take a sneak peak at the 2009 Emmy's Governor's Ball. The venue was completely ready for the event besides perishables. The Governor's Ball actually runs twice, once after the creative arts award show and again after the primetime Emmy's. At the first sit down dinner there are 3200 guests, then 3600 guests on the night of the Emmy's. I was there representing Images By Lighting, who did all of the FANTASTIC lighting for the event!!!
There was a dome chandelier in the center of the 1 1/2 football lengths convention center room. Under it was a revolving stage with a grand piano and band set-up, surrounded by purple lounge furniture. There are two bars on either side of the stage which along with 4 lounge sections, divides the room into 6 sections to help control traffic flow. The columns were lit by LED lights and were around the room and each of the sections. Then on the far side of the room there was the main stage.

Here you can sort of see the main stage on the right. The Academy really wanted this years event to be full of color and they accomplished the client's mission.
Pete and I were there representing Images By Lighting and meeting with some of our clients that we had invited to the press preview.
And for a sneak peak at what the stars main dish was...
Patina catering did a fabulous job featuring: a Filet Mignon (fantastic*), stuffed ravioli, and vegetables (there is a fancier word for everything pictured on this plate, unfortunately I don't have one of the menus in front of me to describe the meal. Below is a picture of the very "rich" dessert, chocolate mousse and a cookie (again use your imagination for a better description!)
Overall, the press preview was a huge success. All of the television stations and reporters were excited to finally see the finished product, get pictures and details before the event occurred! I was very honored to attend representing Images. Look forward to my post on the Primetime Emmy's Dinner coming up soon :)

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