Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My new ambition:

Okay folks....I have a new goal. Lately, I have found myself coming up with lots of goals for the future : ) Some are random, some are activities for a "bucket list," and some are so real... that I am kept up at night figuring out how/when I should accomplish them. I have a new goal that is a 10 year goal. It is SOOO exciting-BUT you will have to wait 10 years to see if it has been accomplished :) Sorry!!! Hopefully by then, I will have the knowledge and money to make it happen! We'll see...(who knows a week from now I might have canc. it)

GOOD NEWS IS: I have a goal that I CAN tell you about : ) I am going to begin DESIGNING WEDDING VEILS!!! Yes ----VERY RANDOM---- I know! But let me tell you how I came to this idea...

Thanks to Brandon Dunn, who I work with at TFS Studio, and who is an interior designer for B + C (Brandon + Clifford Interior Design). I have fallen in LOVE!!! with wedding veils : ) He is a designer of bridal veils and made his sister's 10 years ago and has been in the process of making his cousin's. She is getting married this weekend in Ohio. SOOO I got to go shopping with him for all of the supplies and he filled me in on how to make this happen. Which explains how I got the CRAZY idea to start designing wedding veils : ) I will keep you posted on how this goes. I have a few of the supplies already, but have to go back to the fabric store. Then, I will make a few samples and of course BLOG about them. Together we can decided if this is a match made in heaven or... if I have fallen out of love.

Sorry if you think I am rambling on about this, I'm just SUPER Duper excited. Also, if you would like to custom order veils, you can, but you might want to see one of my finished products first : )

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