Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Who wouldn't want to eat here....

Forgive me, I am way behind on blog updates!!!

Lets catch up:
Wednesday August 18, 2009 was a "on-set" day for me with Images By Lighting (the "premier" lighting company in LA and one of the top lighting companies in the industry). I was shadowing one of the Owners, Ray Thompson, at the press release set-up (see pictures on my last blog) in Burbank and a wedding in Malibu. It was a fun day and I thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with Ray. He is such a great guy. For our dinner break we were in route to our next site and stopped for subway on the edge of a Malibu Bluff...lets just say.....GORGEOUS! The drive to and from locations was just as fun, because it was my first time driving through the canyons on the edge of Malibu. Here are a few pictures from the day!
This is actually a view of Pepperdine University from the Ocean view...Me "on the edge" haha lets just say the Pacific Coast Breeze was blowing....
And last but not least....Dinner time @ the Whale's Tail : )

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