Saturday, September 5, 2009

L.A. Fires

As most of you know, Los Angeles has been surrounded by forest fires. Sunday night, as we were driving back from Los Olivos, California this was our view...
It's very hard to see, but the red is the fires along the mountains. This was when I realized how "close" the fires actually were to me. The next day, I was working at AOO Events. Our office is right off of Vine St. near Sunset Blvd. Nick, Jahon, and I walked to taco bell for lunch and we could see a white cloud to our left. They informed me that it wasn't just a white cloud, but a smoke cloud. If you look closely to the top of the mountain you can see that it is grey smoke. It looked like a volcano erupting.
Here is another pic of the drive towards "Hollywood" from AOO Events.
Luckily, firefighters are working hard to make sure the fires do not spread anymore.

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