Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pelican Hills Wedding: Upper Lawn

If you didn't fall in love with the Pelican Hills resort on my first post, you will in this post! The Wedding at Pelican Hills was produced by Emily at TFS Studio, and she did a wonderful job. Showcase #1: The Guest Card Table
When the guest arrived, they got their table cards here.... Isn't this just the coolest design EVER!! The aquarium had pegs attached to hold the place cards, then we filled it with water. Next, we floated flowers and the silver decor balls in between the place cards! Isn't this fun!?!
Showcase #2: Pay attention to the bar...
This custom made bar was designed by TFS Studio. As you can tell, the bar top was filled with live flowers then covered with a clear shield, so guests could set their drinks on it. This was a very colorful addition, along with the fabric, to an otherwise standard bar.
Showcase #3: The cocktail sitting area
The cocktail reception was held on the upper lawn at the Pelican Hill resort. As you can tell, the view was stunning. The floral arrangements were so unique and the perfect added touch to this elegant event.

More details to come on this fabulous wedding...

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