Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Firestone Vineyard Wedding

This wedding with TFS Studio was filled with lots of little details, which I absolutely love!!! First a little about TFS. TFS is "The Flower Shop" and TFS studio which produces and designs events. This particular wedding, we were in charge of all the floral arrangements, the design of the ceremony, cocktail area, and reception. The bride fully participated in every detail which I thought was so great. She really made this wedding her own, including making all the paper products (invitations, napkins, menus, and misc. details).
Didn't she do a great job !?! She has a press that she used to make these, very creative and so chic.

Now on to the "TFS" details : ) The Ceremony was held under this Gorgeous Oak tree in a field looking over the vineyard. It was a simple but classic look including wooden folding chairs with programs on them, and a paper flower arrangement on the grass in the front (hasn't been done yet in the first pic).

A view once the crowd filed in...
The colors for this wedding were: white, ivory, beige, and gray. It really looked so great together. The cocktail area was filled with furniture supplied by TFS Studio in lounge arrangements. This allowed guest to be in the same area but in a comfortable setting too. There was even a fire pit in the middle of one seating area, this became a popular spot for guests later in the evening... (and a fav. detail of mine)As people began to enjoy the nights festivities.... The mixed-matched furniture really carried the brides colors into the cocktail hour. I especially loved the cream chairs with gray and white pillows, as well as the wooden benches. Great way to incorporate the "rustic" feel of the venue with the classic look of the overall wedding.

The Reception area was filled with so many personal touches. It was set in a barn at the Firestone Vineyard. (Southerners reading this...not like a barn we think of-no horses or pigs-more of an "event" barn) With the rustic walls and beamed ceiling, our goal was to make the reception look elegant and not too rustic. Here is a view of the area from the front corner....

Favorite part of this wedding: The Light bulb Chandelier designed by TFS Studio and made on-site!!! It was so cool! It consisted of 60 different shaped bulbs and 20 of them were actually lit. Everyone loved this unique detail! It was a great DIY project : )
Here is a closer look at the masterpiece...Now to the Tables... We made the fabric candlesticks by covering glass ones in fabric, then wrapping gray fabric around them in a neat design. All of them were different and looked so good on the wooden head table dressed with a lace runner.

In this picture you can see 2 of the different table arrangements. We wanted to keep the rustic feel of the barn but not have it "too rustic." We did this by using the lanterns, and dressing the tables with gray runners on the white tablecloths. Along with arrangements of succulents in silver trays, roses, white hydrangeas. The decorative touch of the "ribbon" drapery was carried through the decor...Here pictured is one of two dividers along the open edge of the barn. This was just an added detail to dress up the open wall. We also used this look for the stage backdrop...doesn't it look great? This was a fun touch that the Bride designed, she thought it would be a great photograph with them sitting in the Mr. & Mrs. chairs! Such a fun idea! The Band that night was so awesome, everyone was up singing and dancing along. But the other entertainment was the photo booth. Again, we dressed up the photo booth to match the room...Note to EVERYONE...When in a photo booth keep in mind that people in the room can see your actions when the flash goes off inside ; 0 And for the last picture of the night...The TFS Staff that was still on-site..Brandon, Juliet, Clifford, and me! Such a fun group!

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