Thursday, September 17, 2009

Triple Wedding Weekend: Post 2

One of my favorite parts of my internship is getting to see the different venues California has to offer. Sunday of Labor Day weekend, I was with Curt Stahl of Images By Lighting!!! We had a great day hopping from location to location. The first venue we were at was the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles. Here is a picture of the ceremony area.... The chuppah was absolutely stunning!!!
The ballroom at the hotel was used for the reception site. You really can't see the beauty of the lights because it was still daylight when I took these pictures. But you can get an idea of what the Four Seasons Ballroom looks like : )
The flowers were done by Mark's Garden. Sorry the pictures are kinda blurry...
One of my favorite parts about this wedding was the onsite artist. She set up before the wedding to paint the backdrop, then stayed for the wedding to paint the event as it was taking place. It was so cool! Here is a picture of the work she had done before the wedding started...
Images By Lighting also had a wedding at the Beverly Hills Hotel in the Rodeo Ballroom. Side note: it was FREEZING in here but the room was so warm from colors used by Images. We used a rustic amber along the walls, with a Burgundy-red for the trees around the room and part of the stage. The bars had a light chocolate tint projected on them too.
A few pictures are before we closed the blinds. You do not really get the dramatic effect from the lights in daylight, but it is a nice suddle change as the sun goes down and the room gets darker.
In this picture, you can see more of the Rodeo Ballroom. We are still setting up here, but notice the white lights that blend in with the ceiling, and the chrome pin spot lights that the lighting designer used to light up the tables and floral arrangements. Also you can notice some of the stage lights in the background.The dance floor had a projection of flowers on it. This picture doesn't do the gobo justice since the dance floor still has the plastic covering on it.
Here is a picture of the bar....all lit up!!!
I loved how this wedding reception looked and felt so comfortable. All of the decor blended well with the room and with the lights, the room was elegant but calming at the same time. I was so thrilled to get to assist in the set-up of these three weddings with Images. They really do AMAZING work!!! (AND I'm not being bias, all of the LA Vendors love them, as do I! Check out their website at )

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