Monday, September 28, 2009

Venue: The Pelican Hill Resort

The weekend of September 12, I accompanied TFS Studio to Newport Beach for a gorgeous wedding. I am dividing this weekend into a few different posts because there are so many wonderful details to share. First Post goes to the venue: The Pelican Hill Resort. I immediately fell in love. While standing on the lobby balcony you can see the pacific ocean, a golf course rounding through the hills, and a huge circular swiming pool with lounge chairs.

I have ALWAYS said whenever I get married (which your guess is as good as mine here HA) I will get married in my hometown of Maumelle, Arkansas. However, when I set eyes on this place I could totally go for a destination wedding. The guys could play golf and the girls could go to the spa and la la la... : ) Enjoy the Beautiful pictures of the Pelican Hill Resort.

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