Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Thought of the Day

How appropriate !?!

Story time: One of my cousins, Laurie, gave me this "Be..." gift for graduation. She gave it to me as something to go on my desk, but since I have 3 offices and am constantly on the go, it is on my night stand. It is the cutest present that came with 50-75 little green cards with inspirational/motivational words ranging from "Be..Sexy" to "Be...Productive" to "Be...kind" to "Be...generous"(you get the picture?) and one day last week I got "Be...a Dreamer." I loved it and posted it as my "thought of the day" on twitter :) I decided to post a thought of the day on my blog and knew exactly what I should choose...this!

So to everyone reading this..."Be a Dreamer" no matter what your dream might be. No matter how far fetched it is or the looks others might give you when you tell them your dream, don't take no for an answer. If you really want something, be a dreamer and follow your heart, the rest will fall into place along the climb.


  1. yes you are Mr. Future Pres. (Just remember me when you need someone to put together all of the parties : )