Monday, September 21, 2009


Don't get me wrong, I love my internship, but on Labor Day...I was ready to PLAY!!! It was my first day off in 14 days (my choice to work weekends). SOOOOOOO I didn't sleep in, I got up early and headed to Huntington Beach to meet up with one of my AR friends from college, Brett, and some of his Boeing Buddies. I must say, the four of us had a PERFECT day! (Sorry- not trying to rub it in, but let me tell you why I thought it was so great!)
We met up in HB and had brunch at the Sugar Shack! Then all got ready for the beach and hopped in the car to head to Anaheim. Why Anaheim??? no beach there...
SONIC!!!!! AHHHH I was SO ready for a drink! And my fellow Southerns agreed, Brett is from AR (even though he now claims SC so no one will inform him that Clinton is from AR) and Breanna is from St. Louis and was a Kappa at Univ. of Tulsa! I haven't seen a Sonic since I got to Cali, cause there aren't any in LA (yes I googled). So the day was already perfect just by stopping here! And YES we all got 2 drinks each to take to the beach : ) ...NEWPORT BEACH!

We hung out at Newport Beach and the Balboa Bay Peninsula ALL day. It was absolutely beautiful, calm, and relaxing. We played with the soccer/volleyball like little kids : ) and just relaxed! Around 6pm we packed up and headed down the road to....

LAGUNA BEACH!!!! It was my first time to visit Laguna and it was Gorgeous! We went to Cliff Rd. and took some pics.

Here is one of our whole group (Breanna, Marcus (from Washington), Brett, and Me)...
Here's Me and Brett...
And now the Sunset....
After we took pictures, we walked around Laguna then ate dinner outside at the Brewery Restaurant. gets even better....we stopped in Irvine at PINKBERRY : ) for dessert. (Another first for me) It was GREAT! Then it was time to call it a day. We all parted and I headed back to Culver City to get ready for a busy week in the event industry!!!
Now, you can understand why I thought it was SO Perfect! I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!!!


  1. Sounded like a great day! I could hear your sweet little southern voice as I was reading your post. : ) Hope all is well!!! All your hard work looks awesome!

  2. haha that's so funny! Thank you sweetheart! Hope everything is going GREAT for you too!!!