Saturday, November 6, 2010

Show Time!

Guess what is in town!?!


Wednesday night, my family (minus sis who lives on the East Coast), took Meemaw out- for a night on the town to celebrate her Birthday! We had dinner at Riverfront Steakhouse before going to see Wicked!

Here is the Birthday girl with a few of her favorite people!

And the group shot...Don't think Momma is quite ready- but it is the only one we made a stranger take. So it is posted for all to see :)
Love each and every one of them.
(Side note: Sis- we missed you but can't wait for you to come home for Thanksgiving!!)

The play was WONDERFUL!! I highly recommend seeing it, while it is in town, if you can! But if you go, please act your age. We had a fight break out in the balcony down from us. Quite the excitement in the first act if you ask me- but grown adults are clearly too old to get into a cussing argument/grabbing shoulders in a dark theatre; guess not in Little Rock.

On to the Opus Charity Event this evening. So excited. Hopefully I will get a few pictures to share with you all. Have a wonderful Saturday :)

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  1. Wicked is so good! My Mom used to work at the historic Orpheum Theatre here in Memphis and we used to go see Broadway plays all the time! One of my fav things to do!! Glad you enjoyed it!!