Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sun-day; Fun-day

With nothing scheduled for this weekend, I was getting ready to relax and take it easy... then came my lovely idea on Wednesday {finalized Thursday around 3pm} to have a garage sale! Being the girl who loves a challenge, and task/deadline, it was a successful adventure involving greeting guests/shoppers at 6am both Friday and Saturday mornings at my house. Not to mention putting signs out at 5am. It was a successful weekend!

Then it was Sunday and a packed day today was and is...

Women's World Cup: Watched the whole game down to the final PK's. It was an awesome, hard-fought game, with a not-so favorable finish for the U.S. Congrats to Japan. However, it did make me miss playing a game that I loved from age 5 to 18. In high school someone told us you run about 5-7 miles in a game, {Probably 10-13 or so in a professional game }. I could get through it then, but doubt I'd last 5 minutes today. I might have to go play soon though just for fun :) Any takers?!
As I sat on the couch watching the game, I finally got my ETSY store open!! YAY, for bridal bouquets and bridesmaids bouquets!! Shop and order here. Don't see what you like, email me!
Another pro event was on earlier today, the British Open, so you know we had that on at our house!

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  1. Yay!! Love your store, chica!! Super proud of you!!