Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Green Bay

October kicked off a month full of travel. I decided to do a post on each city I visited mainly for keeping my records and memory straight but also featuring fun stops and great eats in case you find yourself there.
Earlier this month I headed to work an event at...
Overview of where the Packers play.... (those are grass growing lights on the field fyi they shine half day on the left 50 yards, half day on the right)
On the field :)
Chris and I sent this picture to our coworker Jason that hadn't gotten in town yet. We were working hard this day. {Actually we just decided to take the Lambeau Field tour after meetings and our walk thru}

Green Bay is a lovely town. We hit a beautiful seventy degree weekend and could not have asked for nicer weather- plus I loved that the trees were changing colors already! Welcome Fall!

Night one, I got to meet up for dinner with this guy! DJ and I went to high school together and he now lives and works in Green Bay. DJ, Chris, and I went to Hinterland Brewery. It was wonderful!
Day 2 my favorite lunch spot was over looking the river. Fox Harbor Pub & Grill

Then we were in full work mode setting up for the Hiring our Heros veterans job fair.

After the event, I had to show an Iowa and DC guy the proper way to cheer on the hogs since the Auburn game came on at perfect timing to the end of our event!

Food Recommendations: Cheese curds are a must try (taste like mini cheese sticks to this southern gal)

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