Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Nat's Kitchen Shower

Natalie had her first shower a few days ago,
it was so much fun! Here are a few party pics from it!
Natalie with Mrs. Francis & Mrs. Lisa (her 'moms')
Chelsea and I with the Bride to be! Loved seeing these two as always. All of our lives are so busy right now that it is fun having a friend gettin' hitched so we can all hang out! Natalie is our third friend to get married this calendar year so it was exciting that her showers are upon us!

I also got to see Miss Maggie, who was in town from NYC!

A few of the Bridesmaids!
A group of the 'younger gals' at the shower! So much fun catching up with these friends!
I think I get more excited about my close friends showers than I will when my own get here. ha

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  1. Love the pic and the shoutout! So good to see you at the shower. See ya next month at the wedding!