Thursday, July 23, 2009

Starting the Climb

Over the last month, AOO Events, Inc. VP Operations, Mark Sheldon and I have been in contact via email and phone. The early emails consisted of: Mark letting me know that AOO Events, Inc did have a summer internship available, discussions of what I was looking for, and scheduling a phone interview (7/9/2009). For those of you who don't know, AOO Events is located in Los Angeles, California.

After talking to Mark on the phone, he thought that a joint-internship with another company would be the best opportunity for me. I really like the fact that Mark is respectful of my time and truly wants me to get the most experience for traveling across the country. Mark contacted at least four other companies about doing a joint internship. On Wednesday (7/15/2009) Mark had heard from two of the companies. Neither were able to participate due to already having interns, or not having as much scheduled during this time. I was a little discouraged but remained hopeful that everything would work out. I was so close to having an internship, and was keeping my fingers crossed that surely one of the other companies would want an intern. Friday (7/17/2009), I received a phone call that not one of the the companies, but both wanted to do a joint internship, details of the companies would be emailed to me. I was suppose to look over the companies and then we would talk Monday.

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