Tuesday, July 27, 2010

July: In a nut shell.

Well since my last post...July has come and almost is GONE.

Here's a little bit of what has kept me busy this month! PS. I LOVE summer! Always have and this July has been no different.

Weekend of the Fourth
Meemaw is still in shock over my hair! Said I looked "12." Hopefully this age difference stays true. If so, I'm thinking when I am 40, I will look 29!!! :)

Love my family time! We missed sweet sister though.
Greers Ferry: July 3 around 10 am....
around 7pm. See the difference?
LOVE the beautiful fireworks!
So pretty on the water!

I've started reading this....
Took at trip here...
And out to Victory Ranch with Chelsea to see friends and the kiddos!
Have done a little bit of this.....

and that.... for Young Designs, of course! :)
Tried out this new hot-spot in Little Rock a few times...
The Orange Leaf was packed when Lacey and I stopped in one night! It is SO delicious!

Played around town with these folks....
Hmm you girls look puzzled !?! Loved that Ashley made it down to LR one weekend!
And more recently celebrated Chelsea's Birthday in Little Rock!!
Car wash T.I.M.E. The Bday girl and Natalie!
Reppin' in the Backseat: Me and Katherine
Girls at the Birthday Party!
Celebrating Chelsea and Mr. Paul's B-days!
I picked up a few cupcakes from Cupcakes on Kavanaugh! Def. try them if you haven't!
Present time with the Birthday girl!

And of course some "icing" occurred this past weekend! ha

Katherine and I had to ice the newlyweds!!

A little spoiling happened last Friday....
Girls trip to Hot Springs! Buckstaff baths and lunch was perfect.

Then it was off to the other Arkansas lake {Greers Ferry} to the Rose's lake house.

Kathryn iced Jimbo right as we arrived.
Such a blast out on the lake!!! Stole this from one of my bff's Chelsea's blog since I didn't have my camera out on the boat! Yes that is us on the cliffs...we did it :)
And playing on the tube doesn't hurt either for a good time!

Throw in a few meetings and field trips...
That's July!

Hope everyone has had a wonderful month!


  1. That's the Anthropologie in Saddle Creek right? I worked out there in a store next to Apple for 7 years! Love it out there, such a nice shopping mall! Cute pics! Looks like you've had a good July so far!!

  2. Yes!! That is the new one in Saddle Creek! :) So much fun! Hope you have had a wonderful July too!!!