Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Help

Linking up with Jesslyn Amber for her "It's The Simple Things in Life" Thursday! The simple things in life are what you appreciate.

I absolutely loved having a girls night out last night with my bunco group. I missed bunco this month due to a junior league committee meeting so I was a little sad about not seeing them all. Then I heard they decided a Girls Night Out was in need since most of us had read "The Help." {Plug: Read it if you haven't!!!}

We started the night at...
And lucky us they were having this special going on....
about a dozen options to choose from!
Which I strongly recommend for a group of gals! Most of us ordered two of them, and all shared. It was delicious and we were all shocked by how much food you got with each $2.95 bar bites order!

We all caught up and discussed this book....
Which I just finished reading earlier this week.
Then saw the movie. I loved it and thought it was very similar to the book (yes, many differences but the message was the same and came across just as good as the book- from my point of view). All three of these ladies did a great job playing their roles!

"It's the simple things in life" that make most memories. Today I am appreciative of good friends new and old and the simple joys in life! Check out what everyone else put at Jesslyn's blog!

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