Sunday, August 14, 2011

This weekend!

{warning: this post is for my own records so you might not want to read and may consider it boring. But I thought I'd be nice and warn you of that!}

Friday afternoon as I was driving, "It's the Climb" came on the radio. It took me back to a little over 2 years ago when I named my blog. It is still a true testimony to my journey as much now as it was then. {And of course let me to over analyzing and realizing}
So where am I at on this "climb" of entrepreneurship in "wedding planning:"
  • Well first, I've come to accept the term "wedding planner" more. And yes, I do still love weddings AND other events as well.
  • My sixth bridal show booth is completed {as of 5pm today; post here}. It might be the most successful one yet; or at least most enjoyable for me. I chose a relaxed style and approach and something for the Brides. Often at the bridal showcases, I feel as though brides are bomb-barded with cards and information. I wanted to do something fun for them, allow them to relax and goof-off. So we drug out the red carpet and it was a hit! I am looking forward to hearing the feed back from attendees.
  • I caught myself second guessing the words "Fall Bridal Show" many times, wondering how in the world is it already August. And already 2011. And time for 2012 wedding planning. But it is indeed and time is ticking away!
  • Faith and trust are two incredibly big ingredients in this small business thing.
  • Passion was stirred up inside of me today and followed with two incredibly nice compliments from two of my peers. I am looking forward to 2012 in so many ways and am eager to get the ball rolling on some of my new ideas.
And I couldn't have done the show today without these two special ladies!! Thank you!

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