Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Half way thru January!?

Not quite halfway through January, but close enough for this recap post {so I remember 1/2011}!

WOW. What a fun year so far. Can't wait to see what the next 11.5 months bring. The end of the year/beginning of this year kicked off one of my best friends, Lacey's, wedding festivities. Thursday (12/30) was her bachelorette party in Little Rock! It was so much fun hanging out with these girls over the next 3 days.
Friday morning (12/31/10) Lacey and her mother hosted a Bridesmaids luncheon for all of us. It was so much fun. And delicious too. Our high school athletic director is a wonderful chef and use to own a bed and breakfast in Searcy, Arkansas. He still does events for friends he knows, and he prepared one scrumptious lunch for us. Here is the Bride, Coach/Chef Killgore, and Me.
Then it was off to get pampered for all of the bridesmaids.
Food, Spa, Laughing and catching up, what more could we want?
{these two Pictures: Maura Dawn Photography}
Then we were off to the rehearsal, where Young Designs coordinated the wedding and did all of the decor. The rehearsal dinner was at Cajun's Wharf in Downtown Little Rock. What a wonderful spot to celebrate Lacey & Brandon's wedding weekend and New Year's Eve.
Rung in the New Year with a few of my favorites {Mrs. Vickie (MOB), Lacey (Bride), Kristy (Bridesmaid)} all playing in the "floral shop" known that weekend as my kitchen :) Yes, it is tricky doing both (Bridesmaid/Decor/Coordinating) but with a great team and it can easily happen. What a memory we made, once I get the pictures from that night. I am sure I will HAVE to do a post for you!
Then Saturday morning, the first, we were all off to hair and make-up, then to the "chapel, cause she's gonna get married." Everything went perfect! AND I caught the bouquet....ha (the first time ever- should I be worried). Once I got all the wedding stuff organized, one of my best friends from high school, Molly, and I hit the road to 'Nawlins. {With the REST of Arkansas- We didn't drive 1 mile on the trip without seeing another Hog Car}.

First stop: Hotel
Second stop: Darius Rucker Concert in downtown NOLA!!!
Phone service was not fun. But other than that, no complaints {exception: the game}.

I Spy on Bourbon St......
Leslie, Shawn, Abby & Justin, Rachel & Blake, and LOTS of friends at Pat O's (not pictured).

Too Many Ohio State fans but even more Arkansas fans.
A few Ohio faithfuls...
Jessica and Morgan!! Jessica, JHO, is a fellow blogger who leaves me lots of sweet comments. Shout out to you :) since I know you will be reading this!!!
Oh the cowboy's and former hog.... Felix Jones
And no relation to Felix.... but a former hog as well, Matt Jones
Ryan and Seth
A few fans gathered to watch this dance/gymnastic group perform in Jackson Square. What a show, here is a picture of the guy doing a flip over seven people. SEVEN. Look closely and you can see him...
My favorite "I Spy" in New Orleans person...
Darius Rucker, he sang the Natl. Anthem at the game!!!

Bittersweet. Hog fans and flags were every where.
Couldn't wait to get into the super dome.
Found our seats, grabbed our dinner, and a drink {New Orleans is famous for their hurricanes and I was so excited they served them inside as well as on the streets.}
Molly and I sat with some of my family friends from.... ever since I was born. We had so much fun with them. We have trooped it through lots of hog football seasons and were so glad to be at the Sugar Bowl. Above is me and Mrs. Pam, Below: Mr. Hal, Mrs. Debbie, Mr. Mike, and Mr. Randy.

The hogs were called LOTS of times.

We were pulling for our team.
all the way to the last seconds. And you know the rest so we will skip ahead.
Thursday was a dreary day, but we weren't gonna let that slow us down. Molly and I had planned a "tourist" day! After lunch at Mother's, we toured the entire downtown area. It was so much fun!
St. Louis Cathedral
Cafe Du Monde: beignets are a specialty here.

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Then back from NOLA, it snowed in Maumelle.
Friday is rehearsal dinner time and Sunday the bridal fair in LR, so that will wrap the first half of January, 2011! Hope 2011 is treating you all well.


  1. Love looking at all your pictures!!!

    I missed Jess in NOLA... :-( but so glad I got to see you!

    Felix Jones actually walked by our gate that the airport the morning after the game. He saw AR clothes and said Go hogs! My brother replies very calmy: "Sup, Felix" hahaha

  2. Thanks for the shout-out sister! Haha