Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The New Cool Thing...

So hand written notes have always been popular and the "proper" thing to do. Well today is how to make yours stand out. I got a souvenir in New Orleans , when I went earlier this month, that I have been dying to show you.

Needing to write a few Thank You notes tonight gave me the perfect opportunity to use my new sealing stamp!
I bought the "Thank You" stamp and the wax candlesticks from a cute little boutique in the French Quarters of New Orleans. The lady there showed how to use them. A lot of stores are carrying them now and they are the perfect touch to add to a handwritten note.
Once you have your note written, envelope sealed, address labeled to sender, and your return label on {or your PSA essentials stamp- which I strongly recommend. I have LOVED mine from Sincerely Yours Online!} you are ready to seal your note.
Plus, I forgot to mention, you get to play with fire too!
Have a scratch sheet of paper handy, your envelope, wax sticks, and a lighter. Once you light the wax stick, let the flame settle, then rotate the candle on its side to let the wax drip. Like such...
When you get about a nickel size amount, you insert your stamp.
Let the wax dry for about 30 seconds then pull the stamp straight up to see what happened!!
A closer look... Such a personal touch!
So then...of course I had to try my other colors out for the other thank you notes. Here are some more pictures from my "Productive-Craft" time.

My three notes that I am sending out tomorrow!!
I'll keep you posted if they notice the special touch :)

Happy Tuesday folks, hope you are enjoying your week to the fullest. Remember we are blessed beyond belief, no matter how crazy our lives seem right now.

My biggest thank you note should go to all of you who visit this blog, thank you!!


  1. So cool Shawna! I feel like you are working here in my craft room! Haha! Like the new blog look too!

  2. Ah I love love love it!!! I've always wanted one of those! I just got a stamp for Christmas too! :-)