Monday, April 25, 2011

MM: Update!

Since it is a Mellow Monday in Arkansas and even the University of Arkansas is shut down because of flooding {what?!} and the rest of the state is taking cover from tornadoes {central Arkansas, here we go!}...I figured a refreshing Miscellany Monday would be added to the agenda! So here goes by miscellaneous thoughts...

1) Meemaw sent me this newspaper clipping with my birthday letter last week.
It is "Helpful Rules to Live By:"
  • Always strive for Self-Improvement
  • Never Give Up
  • Think big thoughts, but enjoy small pleasures
  • Learn to Listen- God gave you two ears and one mouth- listen twice as much as you talk {I would be lying if I said Meemaw has never told me this on numerous occasions ha}
  • When opportunity knocks, answer the door
  • Never say bad things about your competition
  • Always be positive and enthusiastic in everything you do. Positive people attract other positive people.
  • Give praise in public- criticize in private
  • Don't burn bridges- you may have to cross them.
  • "if you think education is expensive, try ignorance"
2) Tomato Basil soup is the and I have NEVER been a fan of tomato soup until this year. Campbells sure does make it right!

3) Remember just be grateful for seasons! {except tornado weather}

4) My only complaint this week: Most of you know my birthday was Tuesday. Something traumatic happened on Thursday- I got rejected and told "no" that I couldn't order off of the kids menu. 24 yrs old and they {Buffalo Grill- Cantrell Rd. PS waitress was extremely rude and I won't be returning.} just now say no? ;( It was a sad day. I even told her she could charge me for the adult sized but all I wanted was the kids portion, cause that would fill me up. She said no. Then decided to be nice bringing me my to-go box and check and saying "oh sorry, guess you were right, you would only eat what the kid's portion would be- I should have just let you get it." DUH! I know what fills me up. Thanks. And for those of you wondering, yes, I still tipped her good- hoping it would make her get in a good mood for other customers coming in after me plus try to kill with kindness. {yes, that is my life motto number 10.}

Now back to fun stuff :)
5) I am on an event high that is for sure! Saturday night, I think was one of my top favorite events ever. I got to design and produce a sweet sixteen party and it was too much fun. Don't get me wrong, I do love weddings- BUT- I could definitely do more of these and love it just the same~
Bright-fun colors!! Click here for more of my 'sneak peak' of pictures!

6) Now I will apologize for my ranting on number 4. AND wish you a wonderful week! Stay dry if you are in Arkansas!!!

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  1. Haha Love this post. Love tomato basil soup. and love you!!! :-)