Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Birthday :)

Well, Well, Well....
I am officially 2-4. As of yesterday, April 19!

What a wonderful day it was. I felt so loved by all of my family and friends with facebook messages, phone calls, and text messages from all of my favorite people. Cup- Overflowed! So thank you to each and every one of you. I really am a lucky girl!

So- how did I spend the day?

Worked a little bit in the morning- went shopping with Momma on a perfect sunny day {& on a mission to get a pair of TOMS which resulted in no Toms but lots of goodies from one of my favorite stores}! Then YaYa's with Momma and Chelsea, who just happen to have an appointment in Little Rock on my bday. Perfect timing.
We had the best time stuffing our faces and catching up! We even got a free dessert in honor of the birthday girl {me}! It was delicious.

After a little more shopping, a few work errands, and finishing a few 'to-do' things. It was time to celebrate! Momma made her famous lasagna.
My Grandma, Becky, made a blackberry cobbler!
{Of course we HAD to add a little a la mode to it.}
Sweet Hayley came over for the fun!
Plus I got to hang with two of my favorite Men!
Then Present time!
Can you tell how excited they were to watch?! They also spent lots of time picking out my presents too. No worries. ha The pretty day turned into 'tornado alley.'

Lots of fun things from friends and family!

Now for this year of being, 24, who knows what is in store?!

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  1. Shawna! Happy 24th AND love your cute outfit. It looks like you spent your birthday in the perfect way :)