Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tornado Alley

Severe weather is hitting Arkansas hard this week. Yesterday NWA {where I went to college} had severe flooding and many popular roads closed. I know even a few friends barely could make it home. Then last night, this came on the news screen:
Pretty sure- that is when I knew these storms were real. I was on my way home from picking up dinner when the sirens starting going off. Constantly. {this never happens} Made it inside and they said we had about 15 minutes before we needed to take cover.

When we did- the power went in and out. Luckily wifi was working so we had the weather pulled up on the computer screen in the bathroom.
There were 3 main phases of taking cover. The first was the worst. In fact the tornado that went over us and didn't touch down- ended up being this one pictured below in Vilonia, Arkansas. This is taken from one of the banks near photographer April Ruple's home {a fellow wedding vendor: Ruple Photography who lives there}.
How scary is that?! It was devastating to this small town. It was heartbreaking to see earlier today, as shown below. It is a MIRACLE that a handful of deaths instead of 50-100 happened. Please pray for this Arkansas town and the entire state. And if you can DONATE here to the Red Cross! They really need and are asking for monetary donation.

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