Thursday, May 12, 2011

Father/Daughter Day

Monday, A was still in town and Dad was off work so we declared it "Father-Daughter Day!"

First up: Dad wanted to go to the "foot doctor" so I volunteered to go with...hehe
aka. Pedicures ;)
No- Judging-Guys: Until you get one you have no idea what you are missing. AND I can guarantee you will never complain of your wife or daughters spending $$ for one, once you have experienced it yourself. Aimee was so kind to bring us sonic too. Talk about perfection.
Then Dad fixed us lunch and we just relaxed on the back porch.
Then it was time for a little fishing around Central Arkansas. We didn't have any luck on this day- but these baby ducks were just adorable. So that made it a happy day!
The next day- We managed to float the Saline River. I'm a sucker now, and ready to go back asap! PLUS, I get the family fishing award for this weekend cause I caught one on the Saline :) Busy week here and off this weekend to head to a wedding for Miss Amanda!

Wonder what trouble my friends and I will get into? There is no telling- but I can't wait to see and catch up with them all! eek. So Ready!


  1. You're so lucky - father/daugher days are the best. How you got him to get a pedi is unbelievable. I don't think my dad would go for it. But then again....I've never asked.

    Great pics!

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