Wednesday, February 3, 2010

NYC: Post 1

On Saturday I went from seeing this....And this....
(Thankfully neither car was ours, we were just traveling to and from the airport, with plenty of time to spare.)

TO THIS.....!
Cafe Lalo! Some of you may recognize this from the movie "You've Got Mail." It is about two blocks from my sisters apartment. I arrived in NYC around 11:30pm and by the time I made it to the upper west side. I was starving. My sister and I headed to Cafe Lalo. I could not believe I haven't been here before- I was in love. My new favorite spot. We got a three cheese plate which came with a sample of fruit wine, the bread platter, decaf coffee, and it was superb.
I wanted to take lots of pictures in there by my sister wouldn't let me. So I at least got one of the menu.
The next morning, we had brunch at Hi Life, then hit the Columbus Ave. Flea Market to see what we could find.
Here's Aimee aka Ameilia posing... You can read about my sister here! It is an article that MSU just did on her.

This reminded me of my sorority sister, Kirsten Blowers store Riffraff in Fayetteville, Arkansas. After browsing for a while, we made our way to the subway station!

Next stop: The Rockefeller Center
and of course Anthropologie is a MUST if you are in that area. I love their store by the Rockefeller Center. It is AMAZING!
Then we browsed 5th Avenue and bought a few items! Stumbled upon the St. Patricks Cathedral and went in for a look.

The one and only: Time Square!
And thanks to Amy Hannon, I tried John's Pizza for the first time. It is located in an old church right across the street from the Majestic theatre where Phantom of the Opera plays. It was scrumptious.
After Pizza, we headed back to the upper west side and went to Forefront church. It is where Aimee has gotten involved. I loved going there and seeing what similarities/differences it had from christian churches in the south. The funny thing is, I felt right at home, and even knew the songs. It was so wonderful. When we left, we went to see my cousin Chandra. She just relocated from Atlanta to NYC in January. Chandra is a producer for CNN and you can read about her here. She literally moved into her new apartment Saturday. We stopped by to catch up on our way home and had a blast!

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  1. I love that you went to John's! We have been there several times and have sat in a different location each time so we can see that gorgeous ceiling from all different angles (: And the pizza was delish! Your NYC pics make my heart long to be there! Glad you've had a ball!