Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday started out at the Santa Monica Farmers Market! The sun was out and shining BRIGHT!
Here is Megan with her goodies!
Aimee went running to the pier, while Megan and I shopped. I picked up some items for the Super Bowl party that Ray and Curt were throwing for a few friends. Aimee and I were in charge of making cheese dip! It was a big hit with our California friends! They had never had it before. Here is a picture of Ray and us before the guests, Mark, Barry, and Dee arrived. (We had already refilled the cheese dip bowl, but shhhhh don't tell anyone).
My dear friend Mark Sheldon, read about him here from my "Starting the Climb" post, came over for the party. He was helping supervise the brisket cooking on the grill. Here is Ray, Mark, and Curt (left to right) cooking away. They are three of the best people I know, and they prepared a feast for us. We had dips, salad, brisket sandwiches, turkey chili, and popcorn for the super bowl.
Who was I rooting for? I was undecided. I am a Manning fan, but I also wanted New Orleans to win. So I was just hoping for a good ball game, which I got! I was very happy for the city of New Orleans, they deserved this win!
Super Bowl Sunday favorites:
We especially loved the lighting show that occurred while The WHO was playing.
My Favorite Commercial was the Dorito's one with the little boy! 1)Don't touch my Momma 2)Don't touch my Dorito's

The game started at 3pm in California which felt a little odd to me. But we all had a wonderful time, even the dogs. Here I am with Rocket.

Congratulations to the New Orleans Saints on a great win and great season!

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