Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Abby's Graduation Party

Saturday afternoon/evening we celebrated Abby's graduation from UAMS!!!! We are all so proud of her. And she started in the working world Monday after graduation, so that is even better. Her Mom and Sister-in-law, Emily, threw her a party Saturday. It was so much fun visiting with friends new and old. Her parents had a cookout for us then we went and played Wiffle Ball! (My new obsession) It was so much fun! We played for almost 2 hours down by the Arkansas River in Maumelle and had a blast. We probably would've played longer but it was pitch-black dark when we called it quits. Stole these two pictures from Abby! She's the one in the graduation hat/gown. We have grown up together here in Maumelle. It still feels weird for us not to be out on a soccer field somewhere as "Whiner" and "Elbows" since we played together from age 5 to senior high school; but hey now we can play as adults (or stick to wiffle ball).

And a candid shot of Rachel and I had to be included!

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  1. Graduation parties are so fun! Congrats to her!!