Tuesday, May 4, 2010


If you have ever played the game of Golf, you know that the best shot you could ever make would be a "Hole-In-One." Well something that you might not know about me is that I have been raised around this game. Beginning at age 6, I went to the Rebsamen Park Golf Course summer camp. I can remember waiting until I was finally old enough to attend this camp- not just drop Aimee off. Then my Mom use to be one of the managers at Country Club of Arkansas when it first opened and we were more involved in the game.

Currently, we are members at Maumelle Country Club. Mom has a group of friends called the "Bogey Babes" and they play golf, have dinner parties, tailgate parties for football games, etc. They have started entering different tournaments in Maumelle/Little Rock area.

Mom is no longer working at the MRI clinic so she is playing more golf. This week her and Mrs. Debbie P. are in a 3-day tournament at Pleasant Valley Country Club in Little Rock, along with 11 other Maumelleian's. She was worried last night because she doesn't know if she has ever played 18 holes 3-days straight.

By 10:30am today, She had just hit a HOLE-IN-ONE on Hole #2 at P.V.C.C. She used a 9 iron on the par 3. They started on Hole #16. When they got to #2 the girls were talking about the prize. A Bose Stereo System. The prior par 3 hole, you could win a free set of Nike irons. They decided that would be a better prize. 2 ladies had just hit when Mom went to the tee box. She hit her ball over a little water, it bounced 4 feet from the pin on the green (she was just glad it was on the green), then bounced into the hole. I am sure you could hear those four ladies scream if you were in the Little Rock/PV area around this time. Don't worry, they are okay. Just VERY excited as they should be!!! They ended up shooting a 83 for Day 1 of the tournament! Way to go Mom and Mrs. Debbie!!!
We had Cake and Flowers for my wonderful Mother at my grandparents house. She is the first in the family to get a Hole-In-One. Yes, she beat all the men to it. Wahoo! My sweet grandfather said he had chills when I let him hear her voicemail from this morning. He said most people don't get to see one in a lifetime much less hit one. He was a VERY VERY proud Dad today!!! Congrats Mom! We are super proud of you!!!
{Side note: Wanna know the prize on the next Par 3 they came too? $10,000 to a Jewelry Store. (Would have gone to her 30th Anniversary Present) But don't worry, we have that Bose Stereo System instead!} ha

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