Sunday, May 9, 2010

Garage Sale Weekend

Friday and Saturday were a success! AND we got rid of all this junk aka treasures for new owners this weekend. I would call that a successful spring cleaning for the Young's and Whitt's!
We had the garage sale both days from 6am-2pm so you can imagine how exhausted we were when it was over. We did it at my grandparents house in Maumelle.

What was the most of one thing we had for sale? Well... My sweet grandmother cleaned out her "belt" drawer and put out 88 belts that she has bought over the last 50+ years....
My sweet childhood friend, Abby stopped by on Friday. We got a little bored and decided to play "dress-up" like ole' times. Think we have enough belts on!?! Quite the trend setters : )
And you better believe it; all the shoppers LOVED the belts! It is amazing what people buy at these things. The items I would buy, were the ones that we took to GoodWill on Saturday after the sale. The items I think wouldn't sale at all, first ones sold; as always!

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