Wednesday, August 11, 2010

This weekend!

Okay folks.
One of the {my} most anticipated wedding weekends of the year is this weekend!

It will be full of these colors....
I, and my staff, will be consuming these snacks!
Using what is in these boxes and tubs (and many others) to make
Allyson & Jonathan's dream wedding come to life!
It all starts back my senior year of high school. Allyson was one of my best friends at Central Arkansas Christian school and she had a crush on the student council class president. You see...not many people knew about her crush, Jonathan, but I was one of those people! I got to watch them flirt and go on there first date. They stayed together all through college and got engaged on Christmas day 2009. On the 28th, yes of December, I had a meeting with Allyson set to discuss her wedding. Then I got to spend the last eight months helping Allyson and her mom, Mrs. Belinda plan the wedding design and tiniest details. So much time has gone into this wedding weekend from all three of us. I am so excited and thrilled it is here for them. I have enjoyed working with the two of them and spending so much time with them. They really couldn't have been any easier to work with! I am so lucky to have had them as one of my first clients. Allyson has been busy studying away for her PT exams this week, so say an extra prayer for her on her finals tomorrow. Then she has Friday off to enjoy all of her friends being in town before her wedding!

Me: Well we are officially moved in on-site where our staff has a huge area to prepare all of the magic for this ceremony and reception!!! I am so excited that I can barely sleep. Ha
So for the next 3 days, I am all about this wedding! I'll return Monday with all of the details from a friend's perspective!!!

Check out Allyson & Jonathan's New Booking Post from January!!
Love these pictures by April Ruple of Ruple Photography!!


  1. Those flowers are gorgeous!!! Can't wait to see the details of the wedding!!

    btw - just started a blog for the magazine I work for, Southern Bride Magazine, check it out!

    We like to use real weddings in our mag and there is a link on our blog to our web-site where people can submit their weddings! Since the nature of what you do is all about weddings, I just wanted to let you know about this! =)

    Have a great weekend!!

  2. Awe Yay!!! Thanks for the information Lindsey! I would love to submit this one :). I will keep you posted on everything. Check back next week for all the details.

    I am so excited you are with Southern Bride! I love the magazine, so I am sure I will love the blog just as much. Great idea of you all to start it.

    Have a wonderful weekend!