Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall is in the Air

Bye Bye September, Hello October!!!

Here in Arkansas, Fall is in the Air.
It won't be long until the roads look like this.
Cool air has come in, and my sweatshirts are out again.

Tonight was perfection in it's simplest form. Every now and then you need "me" time.
I grabbed my new favorite, Pumpkin Spice Frappe' from Starbucks

Curled up with a blanket and my laptop
Had a much needed date with Google Reader, and caught up on reading many blog posts over the last few weeks/months. I had 705 and I am glad to say I now have 253!

I see another night like tonight in my future. Which is A- okay.

I love blogs primarily for Inspiration.
As a colleague once mentioned, Inspiration truly can be found anywhere and everywhere.

For me: Blogs are one of those places!

I have many blog favorites that I read, and get ideas from that aren't wedding blogs.
What are your favorite blogs right now??
Cooking, Personal, Design, Fashion
You name it.
Leave me a link, in the comment section, so that I can find them!

Oh and I can't forget what I was watching the past 4 hours...Gossip Girl Season 1.

I am becoming a quick fan! {Which probably isn't the best thing} ha


  1. I love cooking, design, fashion, and well, just fabulous blogs!! Love that first pic of the road covered in leaves! Love it!! Yay for Fall!!

  2. I love blogs for inspiration too! I have too many to look at! haha

    and I've been wanting to watch Gossip Girl... maybe I should curl up on the couch and dig into Season 1...