Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Need we say more? ... I'm Ready. Are you?

I have been waiting since the Liberty Bowl for this post and FINALLY it is HERE!!
Tradition. Expectation.

Some of you {other SEC schools} might disagree with this post,
but if you are a Razorback fan, I know you are right beside me.

You know what I am talking about...
It is your favorite part of September and Fall.
The 2010 Season.

I'm ready for the "A" to form on Frank Broyles Field at Reynolds Razorback Stadium.
I'm ready for the opponents to get knocked down and the Razorbacks to roll through.
I'm ready to hear {yes, hear} the defense hit helmets.
{Side note: It is secretly my favorite part of AR football games as long as it isn't the hogs being pushed back/knocked down!}
I'm ready to see this guy in action. Completing passes, of course!
{Side Note: I see records breaking this year!}
I'm ready to be surrounded by all my closest family and friends, aka Razorback faithful, in a full red and white covered stadium.
I'm ready for the "GO HOGS" spell out.
Ready for half to scream:
And the other side of the stadium to scream
Oh I am SO Ready for the 2010 Razorbacks to take the field.
And to Call Those HOGS!!! WHOO PIG SOOIE!!!

I'm Ready for Saturday.
{You know where I will be at 6:00pm}
What about you?

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