Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day Weekend: Post 1

Labor Day weekend was so SO very much fun!

Saturday started with a good home cookin' breakfast at my grandparents house! Sweet Becky, my grandmother, made homemade biscuits and gravy with all the fixings! My Favorite!
While she was busy slaving away in the kitchen, sis and I had a lil' photo shoot. I am so glad she got to fly in from NYC for the weekend.
Prom Pose. Duh.
Love her! It is the first time we both have similar hair do's and I must say we look like sisters :)
Wearing RED in support of our team, the razorbacks!!
Our sweet grandfather.
Prank time: Locking Duane out of the house. Hope he learned not to be mean to me!
Cousin Heidi and her husband, Brian came in for the weekend. We were so glad to catch up with them Saturday morning. After breakfast, we headed to Northwest Arkansas with the rest of Little Rock.
Passed lots of cars like this {decked out in Hog gear} on the drive up!
Loved when this was our sight...
Hog Nation was ready- We made it in time to tailgate with tons of friends and family friends!
I loved that tailgating season has arrived. It is my favorite!
Walk Through/ Game Time

Hog Victory then we were off to Heber Springs to spend the day out on Greers with the family!
Happy Parents!
My favorite quote from the weekend was my dad to uncle Al saying "Don't make me Anthony Leon you" when he mouthed off. It was hilarious. {If you aren't getting this- Leon is a defensive player for the hogs, and made a few awesome hits on Saturday!}

Testing out Uncle Al's Motorcycle Helmet on me.
Think it is a good look?
I think it is the #1 way to ensure boat safety.

Sis enjoying some Southern Sunshine!!
Swim time.
Mom took a family pic/action shot!
Daddy and his girls after a long relaxing and PERFECT lake day!

Momma and Meemaw enjoying the lake!

LOVE all of my family :) Such a perfect weekend getting to see all of my favorite people. AND getting some sunshine before temps drop.
Left my camera in the car during our "tailgating" time so sorry no pics :(

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