Saturday, December 26, 2009

Holiday Events: Post 1

I have LOVED being back in Arkansas for the holidays! The past week and a half have been full of seeing friends! It started December 16 at Melissa, Ashley, and Jenny's ornament exchange! Here I am with Natalie and Melissa! They are two of my best buds! We had a blast catching up on each others lives! We are all in Little Rock and HAVE to hang out more often! Love you two!
Thursday was Mrs. Lisa's Ornament Party!!! (Nat's sweet Momma) It was such a fun luncheon! I stole this pic from Natalie since I forgot my camera (thanks Nat)! Mrs. Lisa had a "dip" theme this year, and there were so many wonderful ornaments to choose from! We all had a wonderful time!
Then Friday night was just as spectacular! Lindsey Bass (a sorority sister of mine) and Walker Bowden (a good friend from the UA business college) became Mr. & Mrs. Bowden in Little Rock! These two are so perfect for each other! The wedding ceremony was held at Fellowship Church in Little Rock, then the reception followed at Pleasant Valley Country Club! It was so much fun celebrating their special night as well as seeing TONS of friends from college and sorority sisters! We literally danced the night away! Such a fun group of friends! Congrats you two! Here is the happy couple during their first dance!
The GORGEOUS Bride with me!!! She really was glowing the entire night! You looked beautiful Linds!!
And before I put my camera up, I got a quick pic with my sweet friend Lesley Charles!! Then we hit the dance floor :)
This was just the beginning of the Holiday festivities! Check back for post 2 of my Holiday Events!!!

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