Saturday, December 5, 2009

Anyone up for a Roadtrip...?

I have 1 week and 1 day to drive from Nashville, TN to the east coast in order to have traveled the entire Interstate 40 during 1 month! Any takers!?!

I went on a mini vacation this week and just returned from Nashville, Tn. During the drive I realized that I had traveled on I-40 from the West Coast all the way to Nashville during the past month! Have no fear, I made the suggestion to Ashley just go from Nashville out East, but we couldn't get back in time for her classes! (More to come on our trip later) So I still have yet to travel on I-40 from Nashville to the coast. There is a Kenny Chesney song that says "This old highway, seems to understand.." Well I can assure you, if a road knows me, this road KNOWS me!!!

Since the likelihood of making it to the east coast in a week seems slim to none, I am thinking I need to add this on my list of things to do in this upcoming year!!! So if you're up for that road trip...let me know : )

Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend!

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  1. well i live off of I40 here in north carolina.. one problem.. there is a detour due to a rock slide all lanes are closed in a certain area.. and im driving to little rock and its like an hour detour.. but 40 in nc (the first 30 minutes.) is beautiful.. good luck though!!!