Monday, December 7, 2009

Mini Vacation!!!

Wednesday Morning (my dear friend from the 10th grade & freshman year of college roomie) Ashley and I headed to Nashville, Tennessee! Here is our roadtrip in pictures : )
We were SUPER excited to drive to Nashville, as you can tell from the above and below photos! We went to Kroger- to get cheap gas, the post office, bank, and Firehouse subs all in Maumelle, then we were ready to head east! Our roadtrip consisted of snacks (candy & chips), 8+ hours worth of CDs made from Amanda's computer (Thanks A.T.), plenty of chit chatting/catching up & planning showers, and of course memorizing songs! See... Ashley and I have this tradition since freshman year to play a song over & over, until we know all of the words, this started with Nelly's "Is you Is, or Is you Ain't" and we have upgraded to classier songs through the years! All in all, roadtrips are ALWAYS an adventure with the two of us!

Wednesday night, my great-aunt Rachel and her husband, uncle Herbert (who just celebrated their 60th wedding aniversary!!!) had us over for dinner! My cousin Laurie was there too! It was so much fun seeing them. Next, we headed over to Stacey and Anthony's (more cousins) to stay for the week! They have a 3 year old Parker who is adorable! I just realized I didn't get any pics with them : ( but click here for Stacey's Blog!

The real reason for our trip....Ashley had an interview for Physician Assistant school! So we turned her interview trip into a 4-day road trip! Here's Ashley all dressed up! So Pretty and Looking SO Professional!!!
After her interview, we went shopping at Opry Mills, and shopped till we dropped! Friday morning, we toured downtown Nashville! Snce we hadn't taken very many pictures yet, we took advantage of our last hours in Nashville....
Where the Tennessee Titans play....Then we toured Broadway and had lunch at Jack's BBQ!
Umm BBQ and Sweet Tea = The Perfect Afternoon
Ashley LOVED this guy....
And then we said goodbye to Nashville and Hello to Memphis!
We decided to break the ride home up in 2 days! Which meant Friday night, we got to hang out with Gail!!!! After gettting fitted for Chelsea's bridesmaid's dresses, we had dinner at Blue Fin! Then..... it was time for a girls night out on the town!!! Here is us out on Beale Street!
They are so much fun! We literally danced the night away at multiple locations!!!

In the next picture, please note the "guest piano player" and a certain persons hand in the picture....
Wonder who's hand?.....Guess who "borrowed" the piano scarf!!!
HAHA So much fun! After a long day, the three of us were exhausted! It was time to call it a night, and it didn't take long to be "snug as a bug in a rug!!!" (and yes, they will make fun of me for saying that!)Saturday, we headed back to LR, then Ashley continued on her way to Fayetteville!!! It really was so much fun taking a mini vacation!!! Always a blast when you're with your friends! I really am blessed to have such a great group of girls that are my closest friends! Love you all!

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