Sunday, December 27, 2009

Play Day in Memphis

Every year, over Christmas break, I go to Chelsea's house and we hang out with our favorite 3 kiddos!!! It is a day I LOVE and look forward to! Chelsea and I nannied for the same family for 3 summers out in Bolivar, Tn! Their parents run Victory Ranch, so Chelsea and I lived at camp and played with the fam. all summer long! We have since had to "grow" up, graduate college and get real jobs but we are extremely close to them still, and they really are part of our extended family! Monday we had our annual play day!!!

Before I show the pics from Monday, I figured I would throw a few in from our first summer with the little Monkeys! N was 3 1/2 years, A & J were 21 months old! Here is us after an afternoon of swimming!
Chels and I playing dress up with the twins! Yes, J had been in the Chocolate ice cream!
Us at outdoor adventure!!!
Now you will be able to see how much they have grown! But they will always be our three little ones! Right Chels!?!

N turned 7 the other day, and was showing Chelsea how well she could read! We made a pit stop at the Ortho's office Monday morning!
They took a quick break to take a picture! How cute! Love this one of them!
This is my "Missy Prissy" and I posing for a quick pic!
Chelsea with the girls! See they really could be related to us! We are their older sisters! HA
After the pit-stop, we hit an antique store, then went to get our sweet boy!!! How can you not smile at this picture ?!?! J had just finished basketball camp and was SOOOO excited to see us! We were just as happy to see him too!
We made a few more pit stops, and hung out in the car for one of them. Here are a few of our goofy pics! Sweet J giving us some lovin'!!!
His girlfriend is Chelsea!!! And he was definitely happy to see her!!!
I still can't believe she is 7!!! But she is a smart, beautiful 7 year old!!! Love you N!!
N made us Necklaces from the "slap" bracelets!!! I think this might be a new fashion trend! Don't ya think!?!
After running errands, we headed back to Chelsea's house to play!!! Here is a pic of the gang and Anne!!!
The Barbies came out!!! So we rehearsed for Chelsea's wedding!! The Barbie wedding was fabulous! A few of the bridesmaids had dresses that Mrs. Rose might not approve of for Chels' big day, but other than that, it was a successful ceremony : )
Check out the 11 Bridesmaids, 1 Bride, 2 flower girls, 1 ring barrier, and 1 groom!!!
(Notice J is playing the "groom"! Chels- Seth better watch out!! J might try to sneak in his spot on yalls wedding day! lol)
Christmas time for the lil' Monkeys!!!!

And N had to open her birthday present from us!!! She loved it!!!J with his presents from Mimi and Chels and I!!!
It was such a fun day playing with the children! They really do hold a special place in our hearts! Hope you enjoyed this post! For more on this day, check out Chelsea's post here!!!

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